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Sarepia Forest

Date Made: July 27, 2010
Animal: Koala, Fox?
Alpha: Cosmo, Amelia?
Habitat: Land
Shops: 2 (Flag Shop, Treetop Gardens)
Rooms: 1 (Sarepia Theater)
Games: 4 (Wind Rider, Pill Bugs, Super Sort, Hedgehog)

-The Flag Shop was once locked up and empty
-Sarepia Forest used to be called only Sarepia
-Wind Rider is possibly Sky High's sequal
-Huge red mushrooms used to lie on the forest floor


  1. I like that you put up very vital info about the lands and Alphas. I hope you put up more stuff like this for Jammers to see, because it helps them a whole lot.

    If I was going to rate the blogs, Jammer Central would be top one!


    1. Thanks so much! If you have any ideas for this blog, I'd love to hear them!

  2. hey pumaa, ive never seen that many koalas. why do you say its one of the animals?


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