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Corn, Contest, and Colors

First of all, thanks for 50,000 hits! I know I should have posted this yesterday, but its hard to remember things at 5 in the morning. >.< Well, its time for a contest! Here are the prizes I showed you before:
I will start working on the contest now.

Moving on, we have a new item in Jam Mart Furniture, Corn.
First of all, its Member. Its like AJHQ was trying to trick us with the other Nonmember plants - can't us Nonmembers at least plant a garden? Also, is there any valid reason why these aren't in Treetop Gardens? Maybe AJHQ forgot that shop even existed...

We also have a glitch discovered by Doughnutt. There are some glitches when it comes to Santa Hats on Penguins...
Ignore what I'm saying in that shot. >.< I wonder how these glitches happen...?

Meanwhile, Animal Jam has some server glitches. Many times when selecting a server or teleporting, the room will get full while the page is loading. Then you are stuck and have to refresh. Very annoying.

Well, keep viewing! And thanks for all your comments. :) Jam on!

Fox Hat & 200 Items in Den

Today a very popular item in Jamaa has been resold... Fox Hats!
I'm a bit upset about this - just yesterday I traded for a Red one. But I am glad new Jammers can have their dream item, even if it isn't rare.

I have also found an AESOME glitch video to put 200 items in you den - it really works! Check out my (BlueGecko) den to see! Here is the guide:

You watched it, right? Well if you didn't, DO. Thank you so much KHProffessor for posting this!

Well, I guess thats all. If you have a Red or Black Pirate Sword, or Blue Worn, comment! Maybe we can come to a trade agreement.

Top Hats & Clans

Today we have an odd item for under water, in Bahari Bargains.
Look familiar? IT IS. A perfect example of AJHQ being lazy. They just took the Fancy Top Hat and put it underwater. Well, enjoy it if you can.

For today's side topic, I will talk about Clans. They are everywhere in Jamaa, but are they good or bad? Let's think about their origin. The popular book series  Warriors, undoubtedly started it all. I have read a few of the books and they can be violent, which is the part that is often brought out in Jamaa's clans. Do we really want fighting, war, in our Animal Jam? Sure, it has its place in real life, but this is a kids game. I doubt parents, or AJHQ for that matter,  want kids pretending to kill each other.

On the other side of the argument, Clans can make a good role play. They can be like big families, and leave out fighting. But then is it really a clan? Apparently, many clans enjoy owning a "territory" where they can play games ect. Sometimes they will "play fight" without pretending to kill anyone.

I think that is what is best for Jamaa. Many people have described Clans as just being gangs - and they can be. But lets try to stop that, did you know that most of the murderers today got addicted to killing through playing war games? I know Clans aren't the same, but lets try not to make bad habits. ;)

I would love to see your opinions in a comment!

Crystal Sir Gilbert Statue

Today there is a new Crystal Statue in Epic Wonders! Today we have... Sir Gilbert!
I think Sir Gilbert is my favorite Alpha, who is your's?

Also, has anyone noticed that AJHQ is a bit late to take down the Easter decorations?
Weird. Maybe they will in May, but that seems a bit late.

I'm sorry I never seem to have good side topics anymore, I just never get around to making them in advance. So... do you think black worns or indigo/dark purple worns are more valuable? It will help me with my Rare Items page that I am making. ^.^

Well, hopefully I will have something better to post tomorrow. Jam on!

Jam Session Party

-Scroll down for the update post-

I finally got into the new Jam Session Party!

It is small, but no less fun! Sorry I couldn't record music for this video, I'm working on that. Unfortunately, the party is centered around the music. Anyway, watch my video!

Enjoy the party!

Traveling Animals, Photo Booth Contest & Summer Carnival

Sorry if the post isn't thrilling, the majority of today's update is in a party, which isn't on for hours. Ah, well. I'll post it later.

First of all, AJHQ has managed to get more animals on their way out of Jamaa.
Come on, and just in time for summer. D: I have memories of when these animals just came out in Summer 2011. And plus, in Spring animals migrate to colder places, to escape too much heat. Wonder why AJHQ never sent them away during the winter. >.<

There is also a photo booth contest, just dress up your animals, take a picture, and upload it to Jammer Central in Jamaa Township. Here are the ones I took:

By the way, the top one is my new main outfit. ;)

Moving on, AJHQ has done something good with this update. In Jam Mart Furniture, there is a new series of Garden plants, and their Nonmember!
 They are a lot of fun to have, they gradually grow and then you can pick them.
Here are some plants that might come next, they are in the Jamaa Journal.

And last but not least, the Summer Carnival is coming back! Click here for a video I made last year at the Summer Carnival.

That's it, Jammers! Stay tuned for my Jam Session Party post!

Four Square, Trading & Prizes

Today we have yet another game in Jam Mart Furniture, the Four Square Court!
I have no clue how to play this game. >.<

Also, yesterday I got a note from AJHQ:
I like that! I'm glad they are trying to raise awareness of Jamaa's many mysteries.

And a note to all you traders, when you trade, don't expect someone to send you stuff after the trade, especially if they didn't agree to it. And make sure you want to do the trade first, because Jammers have a right not to trade back. And please stop the flashing. It is against the rules and I report anyone who does it, you should too.

Also, why is everyone saying "eye" instead of "I"? I tested it and you can say "I", they will see it.

And last, since we are so close to 50,000 hits, and you guys seem to have given up as our hits have been gradually decreasing, here are the prizes for the contest:
I haven't made the contest yet, but aren't those prizes a little motivation? Well keep viewing!

Recycling Can & Alphas Q&A

Today we have a modern, yet nonmember, item in Jam Mart Furniture.
Hmm. Is this a good addition to Jamaa? Is it too human, or is it a good balance in order to teach people to recycle. I think it's fine, as long as they don't start selling other human things. I wish they had used the wood/log style on this, it would fit better into the game.

A few of you may know that I found out about Animal Jam through an ad in the National Geographic Kids Magazine. Well, I still get that magazine, and the started putting an Animal Jam question at the very end of the "Stump Your Parents" article every month. Here are some screenshots I took on my tablet:

 I know, these may not be incredibly interesting. But see the answer options below the questions? Some of them are the forgotten Alphas like "Harper" and "Cornelius"! Do you think AJHQ will bring them into the game any time soon? I sure hope so!

Winter Blanket & Color Glitch

First of all, yesterday's item was... Nonmember! The Earth Day Banner is in Jam Mart Furniture.
Of course, I quickly added it to my Banner Collection inside my Den.

Today we have our Rare, as it is Rare Item Monday. It is in the Shiveer Shoppe this time, on the second page.

And for our side topic, I will finally post a cool glitch that happened to me while playing Animal Jam on my Tablet. Whenever I changed my animal, the shape and items I was wearing would change, but not the colors!

So if I was wearing a solid blue Top Hat, then switched to my panda with a black Viking Hat, the Viking Hat would be blue, too! Here is the only screenshot I managed to take:
Look at that wacky Top Hat color! And notice in the corner it says I'm a giraffe with those items. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten this to work again.

Anyway Jammers, we are at 49,000 hits right now, so hurry up and get to 50,000 so that we can have a contest! We can do that by Friday, right?

Tetherball & Graham Ad

Today we have another fun den game in Jam Mart Furniture, the Tetherball!
That game is fun in real life.

I also have found another AJ ad in an NGK Magazine. Click here for the old ones. The one I have just found is from October 2010! That is really old, just before I started playing! Here is a photo of it, click it for a bigger size:
The mood of Animal Jam was just so much better back then, you know what I mean? It was wild, exotic, you felt like you were in another world. But human items just completely ruin that. I wonder where exactly AJHQ took the wrong turn... Probably somewhere around the time when Gloves were first resold.

I also received a note from AJHQ.
Good advice. We should be really nice to new players, show them around. Maybe give them a few things you don't want. I remember the first day I played AJ, I was so overwhelmed. It seemed so big!

Oh, and I have finally achieved a Freedom outfit for my Koala.
See? Nonmembers can have cool outfits, if they work hard enough. Also about Koalas, I have started writing a mini story about their adventure. So keep viewing!

Tuxedo Jacket & Oldest Buddies

Today we have probably the worst item released in months... the Tuxedo Jacket. And to top it all off, it is overpriced in Epic Wonders.
Come on AJHQ! Nobody really wants a Tuxedo. I realize Top Hats are a similar item, but the just aren't the same.

For a more happy side topic, I will point out some of my oldest buddies. Most of these I have been friends with since early 2011, that is 2 years ago!

Yeah, some of them are blacked out. But I knew them for so long... For almost all of these, we met during Summer or Spring 2011 wen the trading system had just come out, and Gloves and Phantom Day items were all super rare.

Maybe next time I should do a post about my best buddies? I'm also thinking of ways I could start one of TheSlidoo's projects back up, maybe AJ Search or Survival Island. Any thoughts?

PS: Check out my new Top Commenters Widget towards the bottom of the widgets!

Bean Bag Toss & Animal Jam Dreams

Today we have another cool looking game item, in Jam Mart Furniture.
I love the wood-theme! If only a few of these were Member... (well, one was). Anyway, has anyone ever played bean bag toss? It's really fun. ;)

Today, AJHQ has also added a 10,000,000 Banner on the homepage.
Click here for the actual graphic. No need for credit if you use it. :)

Have any of you ever had a dream about Animal Jam? I have! I remember one of them pretty well.

It took place in Coral Canyons, only their were lots of Cliff Dwellings like in Mesa Verde, Colorado. I wrote post a few months ago about how Coral Canyons could actually have been Cliff Dwellings (of course, for animals though). Click here to read it.

While I was exploring one of the empty rooms, I saw a Guide rabbit run by me and click a hidden button to open up a secret passageway. I followed him through, and it led me onto a porch/ledge sort of thing on the top of one of the buildings. There, I found a shop with exclusive never released items! There were also future update ideas and a lot more cool stuff I just can't remember.

Of course, this was just a dream. But Jamaa is full of mysteries - wouldn't it be awesome if there were secret passageways to other rooms, or something similar? Just some ideas, since I know AJHQ reads this blog. ^.^

Comment any dreams you have had about Jamaa! Keep viewing and following! The next person to follow this blog will be the 70th!