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A History of Jamaa: 2010-2013

   The last day of 2012 has arrived, and a third year of the virtual world Animal Jam is just around the corner. What can we expect? Extreme changes.

   2010 was Jamaa's creation year. Most was spent in Beta Testing, a period before the game was fully released, and players could give feedback and advice. When Beta Testing ended on September 11, 2010, Jamaa was finally released. Most of the rest of the year was focussed on creating holidays in Jamaa, mainly Phantom Day and Jamaalidays. During those times, guides roamed Jamaa helping out Jammers. Updates came every Friday, normaly with four new items and a few other small updates.

   2011 was Jamaa's developement year. During the first half of the year, AJHQ put all their focus on new lands, animals, and items. Soon they were so busy that updates had to be every two weeks. With so many new items, old ones were always being removed from the shops. Jammers started calling these items "rare", and trading for them. But there was a problem, because the trading system hadn't arrived yet. They had to trade through sending items in Jam-a-Grams, which made scamming an every day problem. But AJHQ quickly released the trading system on April 30, 2011, the same one we use today.
    During the Summer of 2012, we have what I consider Jamaa's downfall. It started with two main things, the first being Crystal Sands. Before, Crystal Sands was a relaxing, exotic beach. But AJHQ turned in into a crowded water park! That was the start of Jamaa being humanized, but it didn't stop there. The new items that came out were no longer wild-looking natural items, but thing humans wear. The second problem was the reselling of rare items. New Jammers saw the rares we worked for and wanted them, so they asked AJHQ to resell them. AJHQ did just that. They started with Gloves, which were at that time the most wanted item. Soon almost every item from 2010 was resold. Until recently this didn't stop. Today, the only rare items from 2010 are Scary Bat Wings, the Founders hat, the Worn Blanket, and a few "beta colors" of items.
   With AJHQ so busy, they nearly forgot the Jamaa Lore that had started the game.

   2012 has been Jamaa's rebuilding year. It started with the Jammers who remembered a better Jamaa standing up and protesting. We wanted items to stay rare, and even more we wanted Jamaa's Lore. Jammers like Snowyclaw and I used our popularity to start a movement. Finally AJHQ listened to us, about half way through the year. It started with the Journey Book, a simple attempt to satasfy our want for the expeditions promised in 2010. Then the Summer Carnival came, also attempting to satasfy us. Along with that AJHQ started reselling items in new colors and giving the old colors a "rare" badge. But we kept asking for what we really wanted.
   AJHQ had been avoiding bringing back "Shamans" to the game, because people had been complaining it was against their religeon. In autumn, I posted on this blog why AJHQ can't bring back Shamans, but they can bring them back with a new name. That post post recieved nerly 500 hits and 100 comments, and within a few days AJHQ wrote about Shamans coming back with the name "Alphas". Soon enough AJHQ started creating the Alphas with new descriptions and looks. To end the year, AJHQ released a video saying we can expect adventures having to do with Alphas in 2013.

   That's where we are. We have come so far rebuilding Jamaa, let's use 2013 to finish that job. Alphas and expeditions are coming, we have that gaurunteed. But there are two things we still need fixed in 2013. The first is Zios and Mira. They were originally a god and godess. We can bring them back, as long as they are no longer gods, but a king and queen. The second is Crystal Sands. We need to let AJHQ know that we want the old look; we want an exotic beach, not a water park.
   So are you with me? We can make 2013 the best year yet, if we work together. Write to AJHQ asking for these two things. You would be surprised, they really listen to us.


Christmas Break

I said this in a comment, but I'm on vacation and can't post until January 8th. If the other authors want to post, that would be great.

Gingerbread Men

Today's daily gift is 900 gems!
There is also a new item in Bahari Bargains, in Bahari Bay, the Gingerbread Man.
There are also some better, more interesting updates, too! There is a new Jam-a-Gram you can send:
And, even better, we can now chose whether we get buddy requests or not!
   I will still allow people to send me buddy requests, since I just deleted a bunch and still have space. But this is useful so that when I have 100 buddy I don't keep getting spammed. :P
   I kind of feel like I'm talking to a wall, since I never get any comments, and yet I ask for them every post. And plus for the past week half our hits are from people in Russia. That's confusing. Can somebody make me feel better and comment for once?


Hat and Beard

Today's gift is new, the Cookie Table. Is the table a cookie, or is it a table for cookies? :P
I also found one new item, in Jam Mart Clothing, the Hat and Beard.
   This item really reminds me of 2010, it was one of my first clothing items. Surprisingly, it's still the same price. Can't you guys see how items like this are way better than the new items? At least AJHQ is making a move to make the items more like they used to be, but even the dens were better back then.
   Sorry I had to put word verification in the comments, but we kept getting bot spammed. Which is really annoying. But you can still comment, so please do!


Sir Gilbert the Tiger Alpha

First of all, today's daily Jamaaliday gift is a Winter Window! I missed this last year, so I'm glad it's back.
   There are also two new wintery items for sale. On the left, we have the Reindeer Mask in Jam Mart Clothing, resold from December 2010 and 2011. On the right, we have the Stocking in Jam Mart Furniture, which is brand new.
 On more important matters, We finally have Sir Gilbert's bio by AJHQ! Read it here:
"Ever since he was a cub, long before he’d ever even heard of Jamaa, Gilbert has wondered what it must be like to be a monkey. Or a giraffe. Or a penguin, a shark, a rabbit… ALL of the other animals fascinate him. He’s been known to leap at an animal he’s never seen before and pin it to the ground with his terrifying strength, but only to ask them what their fur feels like when it rains. He’s always puzzled and disappointed when, as usually happens, the poor animal is too petrified with fear to answer him. Some of Gilbert’s best qualities are the very things that frustrate the more temperamental, impetuous Alphas the most. He is impeccably polite, quietly dignified, and (he believes) sensibly cautious. He takes the time to hear all viewpoints before making decisions, and in leading the Alphas against the Phantoms he is a wary and meticulous strategist. This drives some animals crazy, and more than once Gilbert’s carefully laid plans have turned into chaotic romps because Peck or Graham decided to “speed things up.” Despite his fearsome appearance and warrior reputation, Gilbert yearns for a quieter life. Perhaps that’s why he works so tirelessly to repel the Phantom invasion — he imagines a day when Jamaa is finally safe for all animals, and he can devote his time to studying the inhabitants of the world he protects."

   I like this, but it could have been more descriptive. Sir Gilbert is definitely my favorite Alpha. Which is yours? Tell me in a comment! And check out today's update in Jamaa, it's pretty cool. :)


Candy Cane Items

Today's daily gift is kind of odd, a Marshmallow Chair.
   That's definitely new. On the left there is also a surprising new item in Jam Mart Furniture, the Candy Cane Lights! These were one of the daily gifts from last year. And in Bahari Bargains, on the right, there is another new item, the Candy Cane Tiara.
   And since I have nothing else to post, I might as well show you what the "daily gift" was in 2010. First you have to know that every day you logged in, a billboard would pop up with the latest news. Well in December 2010, when that would pop up there was a button saying to click it to get 100 gems!
   Back then 100 gems was a lot, more like what 1,000 gems is today. And back then everyone new who Mira was, unlike today. Happy Jamaalidays, and remember to comment!


Giant Candy Cane

Today's daily Jamaaliday gift is 800 gems! Soon we'll be getting 1000!
There is also one new item in Jam Mart Furniture... the Giant Candy Cane is back!
   These remind me so much of when I joined in 2010. They used to only come in red, and nonmembers would line the path to their den with them. Back then all items were super awesome, and didn't look so modern. I wish I could show all of you guys what Jamaa was like back then, but at least AJHQ is bringing back some of the items from then.
   I also updated the Jamaa Lore Page with the most recent information, so check that out for all we know about Jamaa's history! And, like I said in the last post, I'm working on a page about Guides! Soon I hope Jammer Central will become a must-see archive of everything in Animal Jam. But in order to do anything, I need your support. The easiest way to support me is to simply comment with your thoughts about the post. Even better, tell your friends on Animal Jam about this blog! Happpy Jamaalidays!


Rare Winter Hood & Gift Pile

   Sorry for the late post! Yesterday's gift was an Ice Phantom from last year. Today's daily gift is something new, though we've all expected it; a Peppermint Pathway.
   These have been around Jamaa's lands since the Jamaalidays started. And, in case you forgot, today is Rare Item Monday! I will be posting items a different way from now on, so that it doesn't take up too much space. On the left is the RIM, on the fifth page of Jam Mart Clothing. On the right is the Gift Pile, in the Jamaalidy Jam Party's store.
The gift pile is from last year and the year before that! Do you like the new way I post items? Later on today or later this week I will post everything we know about guides, and why they left. :) Stay tuned!


Remember to comment!

Jamaaliday Earmuffs

Today's gift is... 700 gems! So I'm right, each time we get gems we get 100 more.
   There is also a new clothing item, Jamaaliday Earmuffs, in Jam Mart Clothing. They kid of remind me of the Lucky Day Earmuffs...
   Are you enjoying the Jamaalidays so far? I will be updating the Jamaa Lore page soon with more info than ever, so be sure to check it out! And remember to comment, I answer every question! Oh yeah, and yesterday I watched the new movie, The Hobbit, it's inspiring me with my story. I will probably revise the whole thing soon. If you haven't read it yet, start here! Just scroll to the bottom of that page and read chapter one first. ;)


Frozen Pond & Candy Crown

Today's item is... a Frozen Pond!
   Even though this is from last year, I'm glad it came back because I want to make an ice rink. :) Today's new Item is from Bahari Bargains, which is in Bahari Bay;  the Candy Cane Crown.
   I got like five of these from Sky High before, I think I'll be recycling them. Or, if you are a member I can send it to you if you comment you username. :D Anyway, they are from last year. Unfortunately I can't find anything else to post about. Remember to comment (I barely get any feedback)!


New AJ Homepage

   Wow! AJHQ has just added an awesome new look for their homepage! And... it's an Alphas theme! Click for full size:
   In my opinion, this looks really good. They listen to us! I kept asking them to make the Alphas look more like they used to in 2010, and they did! I think everyone is this picture except Peck (the rabbit Alpha) looks good. Man, they just can't get Peck right. Do you guys agree? Unfortunatly, still no graphics for the new Alphas.
   Speaking of graphics, yes I did get the SWF for the Alphas and the background, but I'm not going to release to the public just yet, sorry! I've had much too much stealing lately. One thing I've noticed is people read updates on here that Snowyclaw hasn't noticed, and then E-Mail them to her so that they get credit. Which is not fair!
   Anyway, did anyone notice Liza is holding a camera? It's kind of odd, my guess is that it has to do with the long awaited quests. :D Isn't it awesome to think that the Jammer Central community had a part in bringing Alphas back? Thanks for reading, and please comment!


Trees, Gold, and Jamaalidays

Today's Jamaaliday gift is a Bag of Gifts, last years gift from Christmas Day!
There are also some new items. In Jam Mart Furniture, the Lit Ornamental Cedar is back, just like I predicted!
Here is a picture of what it was sold like in 2010. Picture credit is to Fuzzy ShyIvy. Read the post below for more info!
   Oh, and yes I did make a mistake in the last post. These trees were sold in 2011, too. ;) There is also a cool new Golden Samurai Helmet in Epic Wonders, for 2,500 gems.
And for more interesting news, the Epic Seasonal Tree in Epic Wonders really is seasonal! It has changed from autumn to Christmas!
Remember to comment, and vote on my latest poll! Happy Jamaalidays!


Old Items & Jamaaliday Gifts

Today's Advent Gift, (which is what it really is), is 600 gems.
   Hmm... I'm starting to sense a pattern... gems every other day, and 100 more each time. Do you think I'm right? There are also three new items I found around Jamaa. First there is a deformed underwater snowman in Sunken Treasures.
   I doubt many people will buy that. I think it might be from last year. We also have two more interesting items, and their from 2010! Welcome back the original Christmas Trees in Jamaa!
 For once, I'm actually happy these items ruturned. The "Lit Palm Tree" was one of my first den items, I bought way back in December 2010! Here are some screenshots taken by Fuzzy ShyIvy in 2010:
 Anyone notice the items were smaller back then? And I like when Nonmember items had brown behind them, it gave them an earthy feel. The price was 50 gems less for each... but there was another one in 2010!
   So, who wants this to come back too? These trees used to be considered "Lost Items" because there were so few of them, yet no one really wanted them. Remember to comment!


Gingerbread House, Wolf Plushie & Daily Explorer

   Today the gingerbread house is resold. Okay... I'm tired of complaining. So let's just pretend I've never seen it before.
   If only we could eat it. o.o Then there are lots of new stuff on The Daily Explorer, the official Animal Jam blog. There are new links in the sidebar that look much better than the old ones, that used to be just words.
   Hm, those might make useful graphics for this blog. There is also a scroll menu so that you can organize posts by category. And remember when I predicted Wolf Plushies would come soon, months ago? Well they are finally here! This is the picture I found a long time ago:
   Read the full post here. Anyway, now the plushies are for sale at Animal Jam Outfitters! Here is an image and AJHQ's description:
"Play wild with these exclusive 6" Animal Jam wolf Sidekix plush! Flip your wolf into a ball, or attach it to your backpack! With magnets in the front paws you can connect these awesome wolves to your locker, or to one another. Plus, each wolf comes with an exclusive bonus item: 5,000 GEMS! These limited edition plush won't be available for long, so get yours today!"

   It's $11.95, which to me seems a little over priced, but it's still pretty cool. Thanks for viewing my blog, and please comment! I answer all your questions!

UPDATE: There is a new banner on the Animal Jam page on the NG Kids website. Click for full size:


Anemone Head Bow

   Sorry for not posting for a while. I hate being so busy. Anyway yesterdays gift was 500 gems, not sure about the rest. Today we have (once again) a gift from last year, the Anemone Head Bow.
   This item is first of all for girls, (unfair), and plus it's for ocean animals. I barely ever go in the oceans so the only ocean animal I have is a turtle, and the clothes I have for it are fine. But I guess most people enjoy getting a free rare anyways. Sorry I don't have any time for a longer post! Maybe tomorrow. Thank you for all your comments!


New Items, 3D Graphics & Keyboard Control

Today's free item is, you guessed it, from last year.
   I really liked this item and hoped it would stay rare. Oh well. And because of popular demand, I will try to post new items now. One of my favorite items is now resold in Jam Mart Furniture.
   These are so usefull, they don't just have to be use for the Jamaalidays. And to continue my complaint about both the Alphas video and the 3D graphics. When you make a new account, there are the new screens to make an animal ect. that I showed you yesterday. Then they play the Alphas video, and then send you to meet Liza the Panda Alpha. But wait... she's in 3D!
Wow, come on guys, you have to agree that that looks much worse than what it was before. Look at this:
   Neither of them are perfect, but the new one is disgusting. And it just makes it even more clear that everything will soon be 3D. So I encourage everyone to send at least one letter to AJHQ to keep the old graphics - tell them how much better that art is. Then maybe we can really have Animal Jam like it was in 2010.
   Also, a cool new addition to the game is that starting today you can control you animal with the arrow keys on your keyboard! Press two at a time to go at an angle. Happy Jamaalidays!


Peck the Rabbit Alpha and Alpha Video

With the update today, AJ released Peck the Rabbit Alpha's bio in the Animal Jam Blog.
"Most animals in Jamaa today don’t remember the first Phantom invasion, when the Alphas first appeared to turn the tide of battle and save our home. Peck doesn’t remember it either. She is the newest Alpha, and the only one selected by Mira since that long-ago victory over the Phantom hordes. Sir Gilbert has often wondered to himself whether Mira made the right choice.
There’s no question Peck is full of talent. She is an artist that revels in any medium, and she has done much to beautify Jamaa and inspire other animals to join her in huge, outlandish art projects. Her Alpha abilities seem to have magnified her already passionate and energetic personality a hundredfold, however, and some animals find her perpetual excitement and restlessness exhausting. Peck’s hot temper is legendary. When Phantoms appear or her friends are threatened, her artistic exuberance flips instantly to full-throttle attack mode. She believes in striking first and planning later (much later, and hopefully while she’s off doing something more fun). Have you ever had a friend who seemed to be made out pure energy, who could never sit still and who was always trying to involve you in some new crazy scheme of theirs? That’s Peck: she moves in a blur, gets bored easily, and never seems to run out of ideas. She takes her role as a mentor to other rabbits very seriously, though, and she is determined to get Jamaa’s rabbits into shape and ready for whatever the Phantoms might throw at them."

   I was surprised to find that I didn't mind the bio, though I'm thinking I might have to change my stories. It's the picture I don't like. I'm almost embarrassed to put that on my blog.

   Also we have the video in the virtual Jammer Central. It is probably fine if you are less than seven years old... you get my point. Watch it here:
   I think it had potential to be good, but the way it showed everything I didn't like. Maybe it's just the style... or I'm just too old to play Animal Jam. Read my update post below! Click here to try to beat my high score in Long Shot.


Jamaalidays Update

   First of all, sorry for posting so late! I was trying to get ahead in school. Anyway, today was one of AJHQ's biggest updates! Today's gift is 400 gems, pretty boring.

Animal Jam is fully in the Jamaalidays! Lots of lights, snow, and candy! :D

 There is also a completely new view when you change buy an animal, and eight new animal slots for Members.
Also a new Jam-a-Gram from last year, and the year before. I really like this one.
And an epic new key chain in Animal Jam Outfitters, we're still waiting for the wolf key chain.

   Enjoying the updates? Happy Jamaalidays! I'm going to write more stories soon! Click here to try to beat my high score in Long Shot.