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Brady's Theater, Raccoons & More

March is here! Or, um, in Jamaa at least! Check the green everywhere in Jamaa:
Woah! I'm going to have to start working on a green-theme for this blog!

We also have an update today. The main updates were the new animal, Raccoons, and Brady Barr's Theater! I will start with Raccoons. The are pretty much what we expected! They are very similar to Foxes.
 Do you think Raccoons will become the new Fox? Tell me in a comment!

We also have Brady Barr's lab being updated. At first I was dissapointed, as his lab has a lot of memories, but AJHQ really made it look awesome! I think his lab used to be a hidden part of the Chamber of Knowledge, and that's why there are so many mysterious carvings and masks.
 See the writing above the theater door? I bet that is Jamaa's language! Pretty cool, right?

Wow, the theater is great! I feel guilty, it has conquered Sarepia Theater as my favorite theater. I just love all the carvings and torches.. so awesome.

What do you think about this update? Remember to comment!


Fall Festival Ad

Yet again, I can't find the new item. It's probably in the Paradise Party, which just makes it difficult for bloggers.

For today's, um, main topic, we have another Animal Jam ad for the Nat Geo Kids Magazine. This one is from September 2011. It came with the code festival, which no longer works. Click image for larger size:
This ad is absurd. Look closely at the animals, they look terrible. Then, do you notice the zebra? This about four months before horses were released. Stuff like that, as well as the zebra in Epic Wonders, makes me think AJHQ was planning to release zebras, but changed their minds to horses at the last minute.

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The New/Old Liza

Today, I can't find any new items around Jamaa. I'm guessing it must be in the Paradise Party. Sorry I made a big mistake yesterday with the new item, it's so confusing when I was gone for a whole week. It was supposed to be a Rare Astronaut Hat.

I will have a side topic today, even though there was no actual topic so I guess this is the main topic. Anyway, this image was sent in by Mister Chunkybuddy.
This was created to protest against AJHQ's terrible remake of Liza the Panda Alpha. It's pretty funny, too! Look, on the left we have the old Liza. Doesn't that look a lot better than the Liza on the right?

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Underwater HDTV & Freedom Ad

I'm back! Sorry a little later than I expected. Remember to keep viewing Jammer Central on a daily basis!

Today we have a new Underwater HDTV. It's cool, but very few people even use an underwater den. AJHQ should stop wasting their time on this stuff and make land den items. It is in Sunken Treasures, in Kani Cove.

And yes, I will be continuing my side topics! Today we have another Animal Jam ad from an NG Kids Magazine (scroll to posts below for more ads.) This ad is from June/July 2011. Click for full size:
It came with the code "Celebrate" that you can see on the bottom of the page. This was released around the time of the second Freedom Party, when Crystal Sands was turned into a water park. Nevertheless, this was probably the high point in the trading system. It was a very fun time to be playing Animal Jam. Actually, you can try to play the game on that picture. Tell me if you solve it! Try the others, too, if you want.


Gone Again!

Yes, I will not be able to post for a while, again. I'm traveling, and I won't have WiFi. I will be able to post again this Saturday. sorry for all of you who rely on this blog for daily updates! Stuff like this makes me realize I do need one or two good authors that can post as often as I do. Anyway, remember to keep viewing when I come back! For now, check out my awesome pages about Jamaa! The links are in the sidebar to the right: >>>

Hat and Curly Wig & Racing Ad

Today we have a very well known nonmember rare... the Hat and Curly Wig! It is in Jam Mart Clothing, as always. It was first released in February 2011 to celebrate President's Day (a USA holiday).

The is also a new News Crew Assingment! Click here to read more.

For today's side topic, we have (another) Animal Jam ad from a National Geographic Kids Magazine. This one is also from the May 2011 issue, just another page. Click for full size:
This ad came with the code Speedy, which no longer works. I like it because you can see Sir Gilbert racing with other average Jammers. Also, can you see the two green geckos? At that time AJHQ put geckos everywhere in Jamaa! (In case you are wondering, I had the username geckoguy before I new there were any geckos in Jamaa).


Cherry Tree & Koala Ad

Today we have the amazing... Cherry Tree! These were one of the biggest items when they were first released in (2011?). They are normally sold in March for Lucky Day, I wonder why they are out so early this year. Whoops, almost forgot, they are in Jam Mart Furniture.

For today's side topic, we have an Animal Jam ad that was in a National Geographic Kids Magazine, in May 2011. Click for full size:
This ad came with the code "Hammock", which no longer works. As you can see, AJHQ was still in their Gecko Phase, haha. Are you enjoying these images?


Paradise Party & Nat Geo 125

Happy Friendship Festival everyone! Wow, an update! I always feel overwhelmed trying to post these. I will just post the major stuff.

There is a new Paradise Party, it looks really awesome! 
There will be a surprise guest too - Birds of Paradise! In the party, just click all the birds to get a prize!

Raccoons have also been confirmed as the new animal, coming soon!

Finally, Animal Jam is celebrating National Geographic's 125th anniversary! 
Around Jamaa there are banners that you can click to watch an awesome video! One is near the Mira Statue.

Great update, AJHQ! For a while there, I was afraid we were going to go back to the dark ages of 2012. This update is one of the best I've seen for a while!


New Login & Activity Book

The first thing you notice when you go to the Animal Jam website, is a new login box!
I like the new Play button, I can find the graphics if you want me to. To enter a code you have to click the check box. Now I have to update my Codes Page. There is also a new font for the page tabs. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the new item. It is probably at the Friendship Party.

As for today's side topic, I will show you my Animal Jam Wild Book of Activities. It came in the same NG Kids Magazine as the poster I showed you yesterday. Click for full size:

 Sorry those photos look so unprofessional! As you can see, it was two page book. It was free, so that is expected. It also came with the code, Gorilla. Thanks for reading!


Pink Treasure & Animal Jam Poster

Today the new item is in Sunken Treasures, the Pink Treasure. Very Friendship Festival-ish!

Also, it has come to my attention that Snowyclaw has the banner I found on her blog...? Well, I'll give her the benefit of a doubt and say she somehow found it somewhere else.

Anyway, today's side topic is about Animal Jam posters. Yes, there is an AJ poster! Before 2012, advertisements for Animal Jam came in every issue of the National Geographic Kids Magazine. In summer 2011, a special ad came out, in the form of a poster. I still have that poster hanging on my wall to this day! Here it is:
It came out right after Appondale and Elephants were released. At that time, this poster had every animal in Jamaa, except for Seals. Cool, huh?


Rare Knight Armor & Secret Color

Wow, Animal Jam is finally online. That was quite possibly the longest time AJ has been offline. I guess they had problems with today's Monday Rare, which is on the first page of Jam Mart Clothing. It goes with last week's Rare.

Today's side topic is about secret colors. Secret colors are colors that do not appear on the color pallet. The first one was available in 2011, a sort of crimson shade. You could get it by clicking exactly to the right of light green on the color pallet while editing your animal.

When we got the new color pallet in 2012, the secret color disappeared. Then, after much complaint, it returned. But it was a diferent color, this time a frosty light blue! You can get this color today.
To get this color, go onto the page to edit your animal. Click exactly to the right of the purple color.
If it doesn't work, keep trying. Hope you liked this guide! You can use this light blue color on any part of your animal.


Heart Locket & New Land

First the boring news, Heart Lockets are now for sale in Jam Mart Clothing. I believe they are the same colors as before.

Now for the awesome news! First of all there is a new "About Us" page on the AJ website. At the bottom of the page it has links to a new Facebook and Twitter account - Animal Jam Parents. On the new Facebook page we have a brand new video, about online safety.

That isn't very interesting... except for one thing. They show lands in the background of the video. Lost Temple of Zios, Appondale, and - a new land? You can see it best at 1:32. It isn't like any land we have today. It is probably some type of jungle... I can't wait!

It also appears in the Twitter background of their AJ Parents Twitter. If you use this image please give credit! Click for full size:
That is definitely a new land. We haven't had a new land since Appondale in April 2011! Most of you don't know how exciting it is to walk in a new land - not ocean - for the first time. It's very full, and when you finally get in its so overwhelming. New games, rooms, and so much to explore! I've expirienced this when Mt. Shiveer and Appondale came out. I am going to have the hardest time waiting!

I'm almost possitive the new land will be here on the map. It has the same terrain as our new graphics!


Heart Chocolates & February in Jamaa

Well, I'm back. Looks like the third annual Friendship Festival started while I was gone! Today the Heart Chocolates have been resold from 2012 and 2011. Click this item in a den to open/close it.

Today I have a special side topic. For over a year I've wanted to do this. The first day of every month, I will write about what that month was like in past years of Jamaa! So, since I missed the first day of this month, I will write about past Februaries today!

-The first February in Jamaa. This is the Friendship Festival ever. Items like Heart Chocolates and many items we see today were sold for the first time. There was no trading system, and Mt. Shiveer had just been released. "Answeer the Call" polls were released. Here is a Jamaa Journal page from this time period.

-This time period was basically the same as today. Trading was very popular. Penguins were just being released, as well as Sol Arcade. Items started to be released every day, and Rare Item Monday began. Here is a Jamaa Journal from this time period.

I hoped you enjoyed this! Remember to keep viewing daily, and tell others about this blog!


Amethyst Birthstone

The Friendship Festival is finally here! Lots of new Jam-a-Grams and decorations around Jamaa. There is a single new item in Epic Wonders, the Amethyst Birthstone.

There won't be a side topic today, sorry! I won't be able to post until next Thursday or Friday, either. If my other authors want to post, they can. I hope all you viewers will keep reading this blog when I come back!