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Wow, I haven't posted in over three weeks. Honestly I am not thinking about quitting. I would have posted this week but I happen to be traveling. (I do seem to travel a lot...) I am trying to sort out what I will be doing online this Summer - with my blog and YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for over 150 views per day, even though I haven't posted in about 25 days. It's great that you are enjoying my old posts. I hope to give you more to enjoy next Saturday, I should be back by then. I will explain everything then (does this sound painfully familiar?).

On a side note, who remembers Animal Jam Community? The blog I worked for that has 500,000 (compared to me having 50,000). It has reopened, though now it is a forum so the everybody can post cheats. Well go ahead and check it out (sorry I can't hyperlink on a tablet):

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Bringing Back the Beta?

Recently, the Animal Jam video maker, Julian2, uploaded a video about "Bringing Back the Beta".

That is a pretty good idea! People like me who collect rares can be assured they won't suddenly lose their value, and Jammers who want to own the super rare items can, just on another server where every item is sold! And at the same time, we could experience Jamaa like it was in the Beta Testing period!

As it says in the video, items could not be taken cross-server. This would make collecting rares a more innocent hobby, as it would be purely for the sake of collecting. And seriously, who doesn't want to visit the infamous Beta Den?

Now, I don't think the creator of the video fully understood what he was saying. Beta Testing was when Animal Jam was a simple, glitching game that wasn't even released yet! However, people tend to like they art, item styles, and innocence of it. For example, there were no rares, meaning no scamming, hacking or fame! I think that would make a really fun server.

What are your opinions? I hope you comment them below!

PS: Please stop sending me buddy requests. It makes my buddy list glitch and delete people!