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Name Badge Glitch

Hey Jammers!
Today I found a weird glitch while changing my name color.
Weird huh? I was wondering how these glitches actually happen, since they specifically program it to do a certain thing. Maybe a browser problem. Well anyway, not much to say so, jam on!


Shamans are now Alphas

   I am glad to tell you that I have successfully convinced AJHQ to change the fact that our animal leaders are called shamans. From now on they will be called Alphas!

   Sheesh4 was the first to break the news, as AJHQ changed this article:
  Alpha is a perfect name for them, no? I mean, why would we want to look up to witch doctors, especially since animals are never witch doctors. The word "Alpha" not only points out that they are animals, but leaders.

   And for you rude commenters, I am on this blog because Animal Jam is an awesome game, and it's worth fighting to remove it's faults. Most of you know nothing about shamans. Someone named "Piplup131415 the Cryptozoologist" said exactly this.

   "Look, people, let me get a few things straight. THE SHAMANS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION."

  Well "Piplup" you are very wrong.  Shamans are leaders of paganism, which is very much a religion. So check your facts before you make statements as though they were facts and you actually knew what you were talking about.

   Now I hope there isn't any complaining. I think Alpha is much better than Shaman. This way there will be no more controversy and Animal Jam will be much more realistic. So now that hopefully everyone is on my side we can talk about what AJHQ has in store. Maybe our new Alphas will send us on adventures to discover new lands and find lost animals in the wilderness! Or maybe we could fight battles against the evil phantoms! And then, depending on what things we have done for our Alphas, we could earn ranks like these:

1. Amateur Adventurer
2. Senior Adventurer
3. Master Adventurer
4. Amateur Explorer
5. Senior Explorer
6. Master Explorer

  And maybe, if you have done enough for Jamaa and pass a test, we could become Guides! That way we could have the fun of Guides and Alphas!

I want to know what you hope AJHQ will bring to the game so be sure to comment!


Zios Skway

Hey Jammers!
Today I will be sharing with you the Zios skyway! It's my favorite skyway so far, so I thought you might like to know about it.
First, you stand in this area.

Now, click the window and the door over and over. You might get into Brady Barr's lab, but keep trying.
Try to get your animal to move back and forth over the rocks. Eventually, you'll get up the rocks, enabling you to get onto the wall.

You can move pretty much everywhere. Here are a few spots I normally enjoy:

The elephant statue over Temple of Trivia - neat statue, no?

And over here, you have the choices of going on top of the Chamber of Knowledge, and you can head over to the vines, and go down by the river. Just make sure not to touch the ground!
I'll probably post more skyways later.
Jam on!


Enchanted Hollow Skyway Walkthrough

Hey Jammers!
Spino11 here, with something you guys might find interesting - the Enchanted Hollow skyway glitch! Since geckoguy told us all just to post interesting topics, that's what I'll do.
First stand in the bottom corner of the lowest floor next to the already built-in bookcase.
Now click just about where the entrance to the upper floors is.
Next select another Jammer's player card, games, and then choose a game, it can be any.
Be sure to cancel quickly or the glitch won't work!
Then, if you did it right, you'll begin running up the walls!
Just click again to ensure you stay there - and you're done - happy flying!

Jam On!


What's Happening

As most of you have noticed, I deleted most of the old posts and redesigned the blog. This is no longer Animal Jam Explorers, but Jammer Central.

My goal of this big change was to try to be unique and not just be your average useless Animal Jam blog. You see, Animal Jam blogging is pretty much a gimmick. It all started when Fuzzy ShyIvy and TheSlidoo, popular Club Penguin bloggers, decided to make blogs for Animal Jam while it was in Beta Testing. Club Penguin is the kind of virtual world that needs cheat blogs. From the weekly Field Ops to Secret Items, it is full of things that need walk-throughs. Animal Jam just doesn't have many of those things, therefore most blogs are not needed. I mean, who needs you to tell them about updates when they can get them straight from the game, or right a long post about one new item?

Animal Jam is not completely like that though, and there are some things that make blogs useful. Here are the things Jammer Central will focus it's posts on in the future:

-Journey Book Cheats
-Source Code findings
-Exclusive images/documents
-Mini game guides
-Glitches w/ guides
There are probably more, but that's the basic idea. See how those things would be useful to know, rather than obvious updates?

Now, I do realize many of you like new item updates to let you know exactly where to find the new item. In that case, I have a widget in the sidebar where there will be an image of the new item and where to find it!

Hopefully these changes will make Jammer Central an over all better, more useful blog.


Exclusive Future AJ Outfitters items!

Hey Jammers!
I just found an incredible photograph, taken by Smart Bomb! It shows many future T-Shirts and key chains to be sold in AJ Outfitters!

Click here for full size.

See? Wolf key chains! And 7 future T-Shirts, AND another gift card! Remember, if you re-blog this, all credit goes to me with a link to this blog. I can't wait for these items!

Jam On! ~Gecko~