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Sorry I haven't posted! I am away from my computer until this Saturday. This whole diamond thing seems really cool though!


I know, its Saturday and I haven't posted! Unfortunately I haven't had any time today, and now its late. This will (probably) not be the situation on Monday, though!

Help me Break the Bridge

Today AJHQ posted an interesting article on the Daily Explorer.

Hmm - could AJHQ be hinting that it is possible to completely break the Coral Canyons Bridge, and the Mt. Shiveer Frozen Pond? That has always been a popular rumor - but until now there was no reason to believe it was true.

I'm guessing you will need many Jammers to be Jumping at the same time. Probably a large even number like 30 or 50. So I will need all you blog viewers to be online at the same time with me, so that we can try to break the Bridge at Coral Canyons! Here are the details:

Date: June 1 (This Saturday)
Time: 2:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Server: Rocky (Keep Refreshing if it is Full)

If you do not live in the Eastern United States like me, you will have to adjust the time to your Time Zone. If you need help with this, ask a parent. I hope you can come! And I would love it if you could post this on your blog or YouTube Channel! Just remember to keep the details the same - we want everyone in the same place at the same time.

Animal Jam Rares - Worn Blankets

Sold: First Night of the Phantoms (October 2010)
Resold: Never
Left-Right: Most Rare-Least Rare


The colors (Black, Cream, Pink and Green) were sold in 2010. The colors (Blue, Red, Indigo and Brown) are given rarely to random Jammers who reach the top of Sky High. The color purple was sold in February 2011 during the Leap Year Party.

Depending on the color, they are similar in value to Pirate Swords. Den Beta items like Fountains, Sbi TVs and Computers, and Art Easels are generally a little bit more rare than Worn Blankets. Purple Worns (with Rare Basge) are so common that they are practically worthless.

Any questions/comments/opinions? Comment them below!


Sorry this is sooo late! I said I would post on Saturday. Well, its still Saturday. :P

Okay. Well, as most of you know, I don't like posting items and desperately trying to think of side topics. So lets cancel that out. What I do like is making videos (working on an AJMV now...) and posting stuff like stories and AJ history and Rare Item stuff! That is pretty much an overview of my last to posts.

I have basically finished school for the year, so I should have a lot of time to do those things! Starting some time this week, I should open my new YouTube Channel. I hope to do a lot more with it! So be prepared for that.

And I hope to post a Rare Item overview on Monday (Memorial Day in US). So this post is really just a confirmation of my ideas before. You will no longer see update posts on Jammer Central. But that doesn't mean I won't post daily! I hope to post at least one interesting thing every day! And on top of that, I hope to make videos daily, too!

So, my wish is that you all will keep viewing Jammer Central daily. That will encourage me to keep posting. :) I can't wait to get started! Be here on Monday!!!


Decisions, Decisions...

Thank you all for you comments on the last post. It seemed like the majority of you didn't actually need me to post item updates. You either viewed another blog, or could find the items on your own. I am indecisive about what would be best for the blog, though. What is most important is how many people would like a blog that posts stuff about Rare Items, stories, guides ect. more than a news blog.

So please, if you care anything about this blog, answer the poll on the right sidebar. >>>>>>>
I will listen to what you Jammers think, and base my decision on that. And yes, I do plan on posting YouTube videos on my channel regularly.

To all of you who I said I would do something for you, and didn't, I am very sorry. I haven't been online much lately. Here are the ones I remember, remind me if I forgot any:

-SilverDawn; Anonymous Profile Picture HTML
-Cubscout9; Blog Makeover
-Kinyonga; CSS/HTML

I think I'm missing something... Well, tell me if I am. ^.^ And please answer the poll... I'm looking forward to the statistics.


Where are the Update Posts?

You guys are probably wondering why I am not posting lately. I haven't really lost interest, but maybe changed interest. I always felt that blogs today are too similar, posting about the same thing. What made Jammer Central different was the side topics - something worthwhile and meaningful to post. Unfortunately side topics are hard to think of, and lately I haven't thought of any good ones.

I have found that I really like making videos - much more than posting. So I am asking you guys. Could this become a blog where I post archives, rare information, and Jamaa history? And stop posting news? Then I could start making more fun videos. I might even post them here. Does that sound better or worse than before?

Oh, and I have changed my username again. I still use BlueGecko, but not as much. My new username is Pumaa. Feel free to buddy me. I will be getting Membership soon.

This isn't official - if I feel I don't belong making videos, I will return to posting news. I don't plan on quitting this blog, just changing it. So please, leave your opinions in a comment. :) I will listen to your ideas.


Sorry for the really late post, I woke up late. ^.^

Today we have another awesome item for our gardens, Pumpkins!
Well, the Member thing has worked. I am now planning on buying the Snow Leopard Membership, mainly so I can plant a garden.

I really don't know anything else to write... I am working on a Rares and Trading Page due to popular demand. So keep viewing!

Also, please follow! The next person will be the 75th!

Watermelons & Comissions

Today we have another plant item in Jam Mart Furniture, Watermelons!
Too bad its Member, I really hope I can have at least one other nonmember plant for my garden. D:

Now for the side topic. Many of you know I can edit HTML and CSS, which is the coding that makes up websites. So basically, I can do anything to you website, even if you normally can't. So, since I have so many requests and so little time, I decided that the best choice was to have commissions. Basically, you tell me what you want me to do, and we can decide on a payment (in rares of course).

If I already agreed to do something for you, you don't have to pay. I have 4 or 5 people with different requests, so it might take a while for me to get to you. :) Now you all probably want to know what I can do. Look around this website. Pretty much everything you see was coded. The colors, the borders, the shapes.

A complete blog redesign takes a lot of work and time, so I would expect a payment equal to about Freedom Wings. A small thing, like changing the Anonymous comment profile picture, would be a Beta Table (example). If its in between, I would want something in between. So just comment what you want me to do, and I can tell you if I can do it and how much it will cost.

I can also design headers, like this:

And page tabs, like this:

Check out these blogs I have designed, as well as the one you are viewing right now:

Test Blog
Test Blog 2
Contest Blog
Art Blog

So please, comment your ideas! I'm always open to improvement.

Rare Sombrero & Member Gloves vs Spike Collars

Thank you all for giving me that break. I feel much better now, and will continue posting daily. On Thursday, right before I got sick, I said I would post a blog "trailer", I know. Unfortunately I never did finish it, though it should be ready soon.

Today is Rare Item Monday, and the Rare is in Bahari Bargains on the First Page. Is it just me, or does no one care about underwater Rares?

Well, for todays side topic I will bring up Spikes vs Legends. Recently there has been a bunch of people saying Member Gloves, especially Legendary Gloves, should be as Rare as Spiked Collars. At first, this seems to make sense, as Member Gloves were released before Spiked Collars. But there are two very good reasons why Spikes are more Rare than Legends.

1: They look way cooler. They stand out more, its as simple as that.

2: This is the real reason. In June 2011, when Member Gloves came out, everybody was sent a Member Glove, though only Members could open it. In July 2011, whens Spikes were sent out, only Members were sent them. So then, someone who was a Nonmember in June and July, but got a Membership in August would get a free Member Glove, but no Spike! On top of that, a couple years later anyone who played in June 2011 and never got Membership was allowed to open the Member Glove as a gift from AJHQ!

As a result of this, there are way more Member Gloves in the Game than Spikes. So please, don't keep saying Legends are worth Long Spiked Collars. According to laws of Supply and Demand, they aren't.

Anyway, here is a list of things for me to do for this blog.
-Finish the Blog Trailer
-Make the 50,000 views Contest
-Make a Journey Book Guide
-Make the Rares and Trading page

Thanks for reading!

No Posts...?

As th title suggests, don't expect a post today. I am sick for the first time in 3 or 4 years. I just don't feel up to posting today.

Thank you for all your nice comments. :)

Strawberries & Spirit Gloves

Today we have another addition to the plants for your garden, Strawberries!
Apparently I must have a tomato only garden, because its the only Nonmember plant. Oh well.

Member Jammers also received their Spirit Gloves yesterday after I posted.

Over all, I think the Spirit Glove looks best, then the Armor, then the helmet. I also think they will make Spirit Tail Armor next.

I also have made a really awesome blog "trailer" as you might call it, and I'm really tempted to post it today... Nut I will touch it up this afternoon, then let you guys see it. Sound good? Keep viewing!

Birthstone, Spirit Glove & Scamming

First of all, Happy May! I love the month of May, it pretty much starts Summer. To celebrate May, AJHQ has released a May Birthstone in Epic Wonders Den Orb.

And, as it is a new month, we have a new Monthly Member Gift! This is strange though, both my Nonmember accounts received the Membership ad, but none of my Member accounts received the gift.
Oh, cool! But why did they base it on a Mummy Glove? They are the least sought after of all the Member Gloves. I think they will probably release Spirit Spike Collars next - people are going to go nuts over those.

Also, if you want you can watch this video I recorded of a new Scamming trick I've seen people using. They will have another scamming buddy with them who will try to trick you that the person isn't scamming.

Grrr.... Tricky scammers. Julian2 has publicized a new movement... Where a Jellyfish next to you name tag if you are against scamming! And are a Member, of course. :P

Well, have a happy May! And keep viewing for some fun new things around Jammer Central!