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Baseball Cap, Overall Views & Glitches

Today we have another addition to the Baseball items, the Baseball Cap. It's in Jam Mart Clothing.
Pretty boring in my opinion... When will they learn what we really want for items?

Also, I finally got around to making an overall-view of my den. I've wanted to do this for a long time, and maybe make some graphics this way. So here is an example of my den. Click for bigger size:
Isn't that cool? I may start doing it for other people. In that case, I might accept a link to here on that person's blog, or maybe a small rare. That way I would have the rares to start my Animal Jam Contests blog.

Also, we have a tiny glitch. When a tiger wears the Freedom Cape, the cape turns maroon-ish on the edges.
Weird how these little glitches just keep coming...

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No Posts

No posts will be made on Friday, March 29th in observance of Good Friday. Sorry!

Animal Jam Easter Egg Hunt Cheats 2013

Animal Jam's third annual Easter Egg Hunt is here! Click here for last year's hunt. The first hunt awarded an Easter Basket, the second an Egg on Pedestal, and this year? You'll have to wait and see! Here are all eight egg's locations:

NOTE: Be nice and don't block the Eggs! (By standing in front of them) If you do, nobody can finish and get the prize!

1. Jamaa Township
To the right of Mira's statue at the top of the land.

2. Mt. Shiveer
Straight up from the entrance to the lake, next to the Seal Carving.

3. Sarepia Forest
Above the slide, where you start where you teleport to the land.

4. Coral Canyons
Half way up the path to Sky High and the Arch, on the Epic Wonders/Waterfall side.

5. Canyons Pathway
To access this room, go to the far right exit of either Coral Canyons or Crystal Sands. The Egg is at the bottom of the room, near the Crystal Sands entrance.

6. Crystal Sands
Below the stairs to Tierney's Aquarium on the far right of the the land.

7. Lost Temple (Kingdom) of Zios
Just before the path across the river to the left of the land.

8. Appondale
At the middle-top of the land, in between the Pet Shop tree and Pest Control.

Eggcellent, your done! You should get this pop-up:

Click "OK", and you get a free gift!

Happy Easter! If you came here through Google, I hope you start viewing Jammer Central (this blog) for daily updates!


Adventures, New Lands, & 10,000,000

Ahhhh! This has got to be the best update since Appondale came out! First of all, our little Animal Jam has reached 10,000,000 players! And I was one of the first 10,000! To celebrate this, type in this code when you log in:
Click here to learn how to use codes. You get this when you log in:

Even the Monthly Member Gift is awesome! This moth is Spirit Armor. I wish I was a Member!

For some reason, Liza got lazy and decided to send Cosmo and the Koalas on a journey to discover a new land! For this reason, you only have two weeks to become a Koala. After that, you will have to wait for them to come back from their journeys!

What is this new land, you might ask? 

Have you read that page? Well, if you haven't, do so! I mean now.

New lands, codes, gifts, all very awesome. But the best part of this update has to be... ADVENTURES!!! They are finally coming! After all this time!

If you didn't know, Adventures were something AJHQ was planning to make in Beta Testing, but never got around to it. Jammers always wondered what they could mean, though.

But keep viewing this blog! Tomarrow's side topic will be a theory for what Adventures might be like!

Other Updates:
1. Easter Egg Contest is here! Cheats are also coming soon.

2. Double Gems on every game!

3. April Fools' Party!

4. Graham's Joke Contest! Send AJHQ your best Jokes by April 3!

Jam On, and keep checking this blog for more updates!


Where is Fuzzy ShyIvy

Today we have yet another underwater item, the Surfboard. It's in Sunken Treasures.

For today's side topic, I will raise the question, where is Fuzzy ShyIvy? She was the first Animal Jam blogger ever. Without her, none of our blogs would exist. She started blogging in Beta Testing, but quit in March 2011. Then she started up again in January 2012, only to quit again that Summer. So where is she? Can someone really quit Animal Jam, and just forget about it?

First of all, the a few months after she quit in 2011, I met her in Jamaa. That means that it is possible that today, she has a new account and is still roaming Jamaa. Also, there is a mysterious deleted comment from December 2012. Fuzzy ShyIvy is the only one who can delete comments on AJR (her blog).
That means that she is still viewing her blog, reading our comments. She just doesn't want people to expect her to come back. So when she saw a comment she thought was inappropriate, she deleted it. It is the only reasonable possibility.

I'm not trying to be mean here. She was a great blogger, I remember the day I found her blog, and decided to make one myself. All I'm doing is trying to decide if she is still around, and if that means she will come back.

PS: Has anyone noticed I am not including the daily item name in the title, just the side topic? Is that a good idea? I just think it draws you into the post more. :)

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The Legend of the Wolf Kingdoms

First of all, there is a new item in Bahari Bargains, the Skull Necklace. (Which holiday is that for? o.o)

Now, for the best part of this post! I have finally written an addition to the history of Jamaa - from the Wolves perspective! I may expand it if I want to make it an official chapter, (or maybe even book). I hope you enjoy!

   Far from Jamaa, in the mysterious evergreen forests of the North, lay the land Wolves. There were five kingdoms, dividing the land east of the Phantom realm of Arnak in a radial design. At the center of the five kingdoms lay a massive mountain, towering above all else. At the summit the five Wolf Kings would meet, and they would each bring their Gem Staff to represent their power. They would discuss important matters and problems among themselves. They had united for one main purpose: for safety against the Phantoms of Arnak.
   For, in the Wast, the once-conquered Phantoms were multiplying, and becoming stronger. They knew the Phantoms all too well from their many battles. They would try to conquer all the lands, starting with the five Wolf Kingdoms.

   It started with silence. There was a mysterious feeling of fear in every pack; the wolf pups cowered in their den, the hunters found no game, even the pack Alphas seemed nervous. The days became dark and cold.
   Then, one night, screeches filled the air. Thousands of them. All in a terrible chorus of horror. 

The Phantoms had come.

   Most of the wolves hid in fear. But a few valiant warrior remained. They were soon overpowered, the 4-foot-tall Phantoms of the North had enough limbs to wield many swords. Victory belonged to the enemy, and soon all the once beautiful land was covered in the darkness of the Phantoms. And at the peak of the Mountain, they put their ugly flag, flapping the wind.
   They surviving wolves, driven from their homes, journeyed south in search of new land. After months of hunger, wandering through the rough terrain of the North, they arrived in a dense Jungle, with large chambers and statues of stone. They had arrived in the Kingdom of Zios.
   The great Lion-king welcomed the homeless wolves, and gave them the canyons near the sea to be their home. They joined his army, and fought valiantly against the Phantoms. But never again were the five Wolf Kings found. Their Gem Staffs were discovered, though, and hidden deep in the Chambers of Knowledge.
   Soon, as Zios was lost, Mira gave orders for every animal to elect a leader, an Alpha, to unite and strengthen them. After a meeting in the deep caves under the canyons, they chose a young, strong wolf. He knew the Phantoms and their tactics well, and he was wise. He would be a great ruler not only for the Wolves, but for Jamaa.
   They brought him to the top of the biggest arch, looming over the canyons, and there he swore to protect and defend Jamaa. His name was Greely.

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Rare Lion Hat & Geckos

Today we have a cool new RIM, the Rare Lion Hat. It is on the 10th page of Jam Mart Clothing.

And from the title you already know what the side topic is about... geckos! In 2010-2011, AJHQ had almost an obsession of making everything in Jamaa about geckos. They had newspapers about them:

Plushies, even banners with geckos on them:
These were my first two items. I still have that banner, I never traded it!
Soon we even had codes to give us geckos:

And last but not least, we have the extremely popular gecko song:

So, it's established AJHQ loves geckos, but why? Thanks to Way Back Machine, I can look at the old AJ website, the way it was in 2010. Back then they had a blog, but it wasn't TDE.

I encourage you to read this gecko post here. Then you can explore the rest of the website, too!

It says AJHQ got their love of geckos from an exhibit in the National Geographic Museum! Isn't that cool? True fact: I made the username "geckoguy" the day I joined AJ. I didn't make it after knowing they had geckos in the game!

But wait... AJHQ is in Utah, and the NG Museum in in Washington DC... Now lets remember this was soon after Animal Jam was released in Beta Testing. I bet AJHQ was in Washington DC to make the final agreements for Animal Jam being sponsored by National Geographic! It makes sense, doesn't it?

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Baseball Gear & Jamaa's Holidays

Today we have a land item in Jam Mart Furniture. This time we have... Baseball Gear.

I've always thought it was odd that Jamaa celebrates Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt, and yet never named the holiday in Jamaa. So I decided it might be useful for me to organize the holidays around Jamaa in order of importance. Secondary holidays are ones without a name. So here it is, the first ever classification of Jamaa's holidays:

1. The Jamaalidays ~ Christmas/Hanuka/Kwanzaa
2. Phantom Day ~ Halloween
3. Feast of Thanks ~ Thanksgiving
4. Freedom Day ~ Independence Day/Canada Day
5. Lucky Day ~ St. Patrick's Day
6. Friendship Festival ~ Valentine's Day

Secondary Holidays
1. Easter

See how Easter stands so alone? It's like AJHQ doesn't want to announce it because it is so Christian oriented. But, truth is, every Holiday on that list is Christian oriented except for Halloween and Independence Day.

Annually, Jamaa has an Easter Egg Hunt with a prize at the end. But the never name the occasion... is it Egg Day? Spring Day? Maybe this will be the year AJHQ announces Easter as an official holiday of Jamaa! Stay tuned, this Thursday we will find out when AJ updates.


Ships Helm, Graphic, & Sneak Peak

Today we have yet another underwater item, the Ships Helm. Pretty cool, right? It is in Sunken Treasures. Shouldn't there be an apostrophe after the "p"?

It's really difficult to make these side topics. I have so many ideas, but most of them would take an hour to make, and I never seem to have the time. So today you will have to settle for a note from AJHQ that I happened to get two seconds ago.
So there you go. I'll bet millions are getting out of work to celebrate International Goof Off Day (sarcasm).

And just for you bloggers, I have a new background/graphic for you. I forget if I already posted it yet, it's from Everloop.
Remember: if you use it, give credit!

And because I have nothing else to write, I will give you a sneak peak of the Easter theme for this blog. Nothing is official, especially the header and background. (I will make them later). Tell me if you like it so far:


Croquet Set & Secret Colors

Today we have a pretty awesome new item in Jam Mart Furniture, the Croquet Set! The best part: it's for nonmembers! Now I will finally have a new addition to my den.

Okay, here is the secret (and also the side topic). Apparently, AJHQ is trying to make "secret" colors, sort of like Club Penguin's Secret Items. The Croquet Set is one of the few items that changes shape when you try to change it's color. But there is a catch: if you keep changing it, you will come across different colors of the same shape. Here are the screenshots, each item on the right is a secret color.

 I think all the colors on the right will eventually be rare, since they are so hard to get. Do you hope AJHQ comes up with something like Secret Items, where you click a random part of an item, and a secret item comes up that you can buy? Share your ideas in a comment!


PS: Check out my croquet set in my den!

Porthole & Ancient Jamaa Language

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was my brother, MetroLeafs, birthday.

Today we have a new underwater item, the Porthole. It is in Sunken treasures. I *think* this is from 2012.

For today's side topic, we have a mystery from Ancient Jamaa. 
This golden throne is being sold in the ancient caves of Epic Wonders. In Ancient Jamaa, what was it for? Did it belong to Zios? What do you think is engraved onto it? Is it a code, or the language of Ancient Jamaa? Does it tell an important story?

Answer these questions in a comment! I will post any good stories tomorrow!

Also, we have a cool finding sent in by bluewolfmoongirl. She noticed that SBi, which we now know means Smart Bomb Interactive, is written on the bags in the Hot Cocoa Hut.

Clover Balloon & SBi

Happy belated Lucky Day, Jammers! I hope you had a very green day in Jamaa! Today we have a very green item from March 2012 and 2011, the Clover Balloon! This is a very fun item, the second balloon ever (second to the heart balloon). It is in Jam Mart cLOTHING.

For today's side topic, we have SBi! If you have no idea what I am talking about, SBi is a name that comes up around Jamaa often. Here are two places we see it:
Animal Jam Trailer

SBi TV Rare Den Item
For so long we thought it was Jamaa's "company" or something. Now, I know the answer! It stands for Smart Bomb Interactive, the company that created Animal Jam! I can't believe we've been so blind all along not to notice that. Isn't it interesting how the outside wold is cleverly embedded into Jamaa? I don't know if I like it or not, it kind of takes away from the realistic fantasy.

Remember to comment, I will read your oppinions!


Clover Necklace & Missing Alphas

Today we have another new ocean item for Lucky Day, the Clover Necklace. It is in Bahari Bargains. Wouldn't it be cool if the ocean had it's own holidays?

For today's side topic I will write about the three missing Alphas. When a new animal is discovered by Liza the Panda Alpha, the group of animals votes for one of themselves to become their Alpha, to represent them and lead them. This happened with all except three animals; the Lion, Arctic Wolf and Snow Leopard.

My explanation for this lies in Ancient Jamaa, when Zios the King of Jamaa reigned. Zios was a Lion, so all the Lions in Jamaa had no need for another leader, or Alpha. The Arctic Wolves and Snow Leopards lived beyond the mountains in the cold North. They have never been true citizens of Jamaa, their home is on the outskirts of the land. But know, as the evil Phantoms advance toward Jamaa, the Arctic Wolves and Snow Leopards have been chased from their home.

Mira kindly is letting them stay in Jamaa to be safe. But Sir Gilbert and Greely are now making plans on how to defend Jamaa from the Phantom's attack. They know it will be soon.

PS: Visit SirHappyViking's clan blog here:


Clover Trident & Ocean Alphas

Happy Friday! Today we have a new item in Bahari Bargains, in Bahari Bay. The Clover Trident! I remember posting about this last year.

Okay, for today's side topic, I will explain why I do not believe the two seal and dolphin statues are supposed to be Alphas. First of all, here is what they look like:
 In case you were wondering, this kind of fits with today, as the seal is holding a trident. Anyway, both of those are pagan gods. The ancient Romans believed in many gods, as well as the ancient Greeks. They made lots of statues of their gods in marble, just like these two we see here. They are designed to look like an animal version of those two gods. Venus is a Roman god, and Poseidon is a Greek god.

So, unlike the Alpha statues we have in the Mystery Emporium, these statues are AJHQ's animal version of these two gods. Any opinions? Remember to comment!

PS: One of the loyal followers of this blog, cubscout9, has a new clan blog! Visit it here: 


Ol' Barn Den & Clover Earmuffs

Today was, I'll admit, probably the most boring update ever in Jamaa. There are only a few new things, and less that are worth mentioning.

First of all, the Ol' Barn Den is back, for all you horse lovers.

There is also one new item in Jam Mart Clothing, the Clover Earmuffs. These are resold from 2011 and 2012.

Yeah, pretty boring stuff. Hopefully tomorrow's side topic will compensate for these boring updates we keep getting.