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Epic Wolf Poster, Jamalidays & Party Results

First of all, the "Shop" link on the Animal Jam Homepage has been changed to "Gifts".

   I suspect this has something to do with the Jamalidays coming soon... Also yesterday during my party AJHQ announced the new Epic Wolf Poster in Animal Jam Outfitters.

It looks pretty cool, but I would prefer if it was Arctic Wolves.

   It is available for $9.95 here. As for the Jamaalidays, it's right around the corner! AJHQ posted on The Daily Explorer that there will be daily gifts, just like last year.
"The Jamaalidays, everyone’s favorite winter celebrations, are here! The Jamaalidays are all about having fun with your buddies, playing in the freshly-fallen snow, and giving awesome gifts!
To make the Jamaalidays extra special, AJHQ is giving a free gift every day of the Jamaalidays. Starting tomorrow, just log in every day during the Jamaaliday celebrations to receive a special Jamaaliday gift!
Happy Jamaalidays, everyone!"

   Do you hope they will be the same gifts as last year? I don't, I still have some and I would like them to stay rare. 

   Also, yesterday was my 2 Years on AJ Party! About 20 people came, and it was a lot of fun. Everyone who came got one gift under 500 gems, and anyone who beat me at Marbles got a free rare! The four Jammers that stayed the whole two hours got an Epic Wonders item of their choice. I hope you can come to my next party in March!


Ancient Jamaa: A Nation United

Click Here to Read Chapter 1 First!
Click Here to Read Chapter 2 First!

Chapter 3: The Woods of Ithral
   "This is where we part," Serundae said when the reached the low arched path. The two tigers looked reluctantly into the forest. 
   "Is there no other way?" Konna asked, "I don't want to go back in there." 
   "Yes," he replied, "Unless you want to travel through the jungles with monkey and gorillas around every turn. Or you could go through the marshes in the far south, but that would take months. The herbs I have given you will help, whether you are hungry, cold, tired, sick, or wounded. Now you must leave, you should arrive at  Serapae's realm on the third day. He will guide you from there"
   "Goodbye, and thank you." Kanna said. Then they turned and started down the trail.
   When they had gone a stone's throw into the forest, they heard him yell after them, "One more thing! Whatever you do, do not leave the path!"
   Then they turned a corner and the full darkness of the forest was upon them. The tree's branches seemed to make an arch over their heads and the floor was a soft bed of fallen leaves and needles. They walked for what seemed like hours, and they could see could see through the small openings of the trees stars. Everything else was so dark the couldn't see the ground in front of them.
   "We should stop now. I'm exhausted." Konna said wearily. 
   "I agree," Kanna replied, "We can't go any further tonight." With that they blindly searched for a good place to sleep, and finally curled up in a pile of leaves under a huge oak. They soon fell into a silent, dreamless sleep. 
   In the morning they woke up later than they wanted, since it was nearly as dark in daytime as it was in the night. They started along the clear path, after eating some of the herbs for hunger Serundae had given them. Though they were carnivores, the herbs didn't taste bad, and did help with some of there hunger. But by noon they were hungry again, and not for the herbs of the koalas. 
   They reached a part where more light entered through the trees, and they could see big bushes and other plants on both sides of the path. Then in one of the bushes something moved. Konna quickly jumped into the bushed and out the other side.
   "But Serundae said-" Kanna started to say, but Konna came back out with a small brown squirrel in his mouth.
   "See? Nothing to it." Konna said proudly. Just then a loud hissing sound came out of the bushes where Konna had been. Then it came from the other side, and then behind them. 
   "Wha-what's that?" Konna asked nervously. Just then a huge green head of a snake appeared with a bright red forked tongue. It struck it's head forward, but they jumped back just in time.
   "Run!" Kanna said, and the dashed forward along the path. Then, around a corner was a huge tan snake with its long tail that must have been ten feet long rattling in the air. It's jaws were wide open, ready to strike.
   Then they both jumped off the path to the left, hoping to somehow get back on the path on the other side of the snake, but they were soon caught in a thick plant of thorns. Then they heard the hissing again on all sides of them. They stood in fear, not knowing what do.
   Just when they gave up, a deep powerful roar came from somewhere in the woods, and the hissing and rattling stopped, and they could hear the snakes slithering away. They could hear loud sniffing and grunting, and then a deep voice that seemed close by. "Tigers, in the home of Forest Snakes?" It said. Then a huge black shape came into view, and they realized it was a large Black Bear.
   "We didn't mean to come here," Konna said, "I mean, we were scared off the path. Please don't hurt us... we'll leave now... okay?" His voice gave away his fear.
   "You need not fear me," he said laughing, "But who are you, and why are you here?"
   They paused, and then decided they had no reason not to tell him. "We are going to see Serapae." Konna said, still shaking.
   "Our colony has been kidnapped, and we are trying to save them." Kanna added.
   "Well then," he replied in friendly voice, "I am friends with any tiger who does not follow Kastar. Come to my home, it is not far from here. I will guide you to the path later on.
   They both followed him, feeling as though they didn't have a choice, and yet still suspicious. He plowed through the plants and thorns with ease at a surprisingly fast pace. Soon they arrived at a clearing with the sun shining through brightly. They blinked several times, and when their eyes had adjusted they could see big red mushrooms on the ground with jars of honey and berries. In the center was a large fire that was still burning.
   "Here," he said, handing them some of the food, "Eat it, and then tell me your full story. I do not often get visitors."
   To their own surprise, they gratefully ate the honey and berries. They were unusually sweet, and it quenched both their hunger and thirst. After eating, they told him their story down to the very last detail. He sat fascinated on one of the mushrooms by the fire.
   When they had finished, he stood up and yawned. "Now that was a good story." he said as if it was a fantasy. "But I think you are doing the right thing," he added, "Serapae is wise, and unlike the other koalas he doesn't spend his time fighting the Koalas. Us black bears never fight, we are happy to live simple lives in the southern forest. I am Ithral. Now, when you are ready I will guide you to the path. You are only two days from Serapae."
   After that he gave them some berries in a broad leaf tied with grass and a small jar of honey. He led them back to the trail further on from where the snakes were. 
   "Goodbye," he said at last, "Maybe I will see you again in better times."
   "Thank you for getting rid of those snakes for us," Konna replied, "We wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for you." 
   Then they left to continue their journey with renewed strength and determination. The next two days were relatively easy, and the path led straight in the right direction. The gifts from Ithral were more than enough, and they met no more danger. 
   Finally they arrived at the wooden gates of the koala village. They were immediately met by two suspicious looking koalas. "What do you want?" the asked.
   "Serundae sent us," Kanna replied, "We are here to see Serapae." Then she handed him the slab of wood that Serundae had written the note for them on.
   After reading it one of them said, "Follow me." and the gates were slowly opened by some koalas standing on the wall. The were led across a flat plain forest floor with large trees growing on it. There were no houses, but there were signs of homes in the trees and koalas staring down from them. They were curiously watched the whole way. After about half an hour the trees and floor became bright green. They started walking uphill through the soft grass. Then, standing at the to of the hill was a koala, taller than the rest. He was dressed in silver and brown and held a straight white staff. He looked much more like Serundae than the other koalas.
   "Welcome, Konna and Kanna." he said in a plain, clear voice.

Happy Feast of Thanks!

Have a happy Feast of Thanks! Eat lot's of turkey, but make sure you don't eat any koalas.
Oh, and guess what? My party is in one week! I hope you'll be there! Click here for the info.


Ancient Jamaa: A Nation United

   The foxes pushed them into a line and forced them up a hidden stair of polished wood. Up they went, higher and higher until they reached the tree village. It was a beautiful sight; lanterns glowing with fireflies, houses built into the trees with leafy roofs open walls. Foxes stared at them oddly as they walked by.
   They walked along the paths and bridges connecting the thick branches into a large room covered with huge leaves. And in the center of the room sat the other tigers, all with their hands tied behind their backs.
   "We found more!" said the one of the foxes that brought them. They were pushed down onto the soft floor of pine needles in front of a powerful looking fox sitting in a carved wooden throne. "Kastar sent you I don't doubt," he said with a frown, "I should have never trusted that deceitful tiger. Spies!" 
   "We know no one named Kastar," Captain Melville said with frustration, "And we are not spies, we were simply hunting to feed our colony!"
   "I know of no colony of tigers. Even if you are not the servants of Kastar," he replied, "You have trespassed in the realm of Celebar, and for that you must pay."
   "Please, we were just looking for food." said another tiger, "We meant no harm."
   He sat staring at the captain, thinking. "I am a just king," he said at last, "you will lead me to your colony. If what you say is true, you will be free to go. Until then you will all be my prisoners." With that they were all satisfied.

   Soon Captain Melville left with four fox guards and the fox king following behind. He reluctantly led them to the caves, thinking they would somehow be tricking him. As they entered the cavern, he was not greeted by his colony. To his horror, they were all gone. Nothing was there except a few ruined beds.
   "The were here!" the captain said angrily, "Someone's taken them! The guards forced him back out of the tunnels. "Do you take me for a fool?" the king said in fury, "You will be doubly punished for trying to trick the King of Celebar! Back to the prisons!"
   Quickly they marched back to the forest, pushing the captain forward. When they came to Celebar, he was brought to a dark corner of the huge village, where no one lived. There were small cages lined along the trees with bars of a strong dark metal. The other hunters were at first happy to see him, thinking they would soon be freed. But as he was put in his own cage, they were confused and angry.
   "What happened?" they kept asking him, and "Didn't they see the colony?" He was frustrated, and confused himself, so it was long before he was willing to explain. They all despaired, thinking they were all captured and their colony captives to some other enemy.

   But they did not know everything. When the foxes captured them as they hunted, a certain two young tigers hid in a nearby shrub. Their names were Kanna, a girl, and Konna, a boy. The twins were being taught to hunt by their parents.
   Instead they stood in bewilderment watching their parents and friends taken up the Stairs. Before Captain Melville brought the King to the cavern, they had already ran there to warn the others. They too, had found them gone. Then they went up and hid in the bushes at the top of the cliff, not knowing what to do.
   Night fell, and they made themselves a small bed. Finally they fell asleep from pure exhaustion. When they woke up, they were filled with a new ambition to find their parents. They wandered around the caves, searching for a sign. It seemed the colony was rushed out somehow. Then they walked back to the cliff, and standing in the sunlight, was an old koala.
   They jumped in surprise, and their first reaction was to run, until they realized they were bigger than him. "Were bigger than you, don't come too close!" growled Konna trying to sound threatening.
   The old koala learned on his staff, laughing, "I won't hurt you. But what are two young tigers doing here, this isn't tiger territory."
   "We're looking for our family, they were kidnapped with the rest of our colony. Are you here to kidnap us too?" replied Kanna suspiciously.
   "No, no. I'm just an old wandering koala. If you tell me your story, I will do what I can to help."
   He seemed kind enough, and definitely harmless, so they agreed to go to his home and tell him everything. It was a single huge tree in the middle of the field that they could easily see. "So, who are you?" Konna asked as they walked, "Why don't you live in a forest like other koalas?"
   He looked down, as if he was remembering something sad. "Well," he said at last, "The koalas are always fighting with those foxes, they never stop. I am Serundae, my family is last of the line of the kings of old. It seems the wisdom of the koalas is dying with my line. I was banished for trying to bring peace, though I would have probably left anyway."
   Soon they arrived at the tree. It towered high above the other trees nearby. They sat in the shade of it's long branches.
   "Okay," Serundae said when they were settled, "I've told you my story, now you tell me yours."
   Konna told him most of the story, with Kanna adding and occasional part. "I do not think the foxes captured your colony," he said when they were done, "If you ask me, it sounds like the mischief of the monkeys in the south. But as for the foxes who took your family, they probably thought you were spies sent by Kastar. He is an evil tiger, and he rules a large territory directly north of the mountains. The King of Celebar is wise, but is not kind to foreigners. If you want my advice, seek the council of my older brother, Serepae. He lives in the forest west of the foxes. I will write you a note, and they will not harm you. I am banished, but they will still listen to me."
   With that he pulled a thin slab of wood and a stone pen out of his pocket, and etched something in a mysterious language. "Here," he said, "I will bring you to a small path, forgotten by the foxes. It will lead you to the koala village. My brother will know what to do."
   He gave them each a water canteen and a pack containing herbs for healing, hunger, and many other things. Then they left, guided by Serundae, for the path.

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Graham the Monkey Alpha

   The first thing Graham noticed about the other Alphas was that they seemed to do everything the hard way. For example, take that time Liza tracked the Spirit Stone of the giraffes to a Phantom cavern sealed by an enormous boulder. By the time Graham got there, Liza had a dozen animals straining to move the stone out of the way, and after hours of effort they’d barely made it budge. Graham shook his head and clucked his tongue. All of that sweat, and nothing to show for it. Why, it was the simplest thing in the world to build a waterwheel on a nearby stream and set up a system of gears, pulleys, and counterweights that could raise and lower the giant rock with the effortless pull of a lever. Sure, it took a few days to build, and Liza kept asking why they couldn’t just get a few more strong animals to pitch in and move the stone in a matter of minutes. Graham tried to explain that she was missing the point — now they could move the boulder up and down any time they wanted, without breaking a sweat! Liza and the other animals weren’t impressed with Graham’s contraption, and they seemed to forget all about it as soon as the giraffes were freed to return to Jamaa. Graham still visits the cavern from time to time, though. The boulder-moving machine is great for breaking open stubborn coconuts.

   Happily, this works with my story plans. It's just... not descriptive. It tells more about an event than the actual Alpha. Anyway, I'm almost done with the next chapter of Ancient Jamaa: A Nation United and I should be able to post it today.


AJHQ's Plaw Wild Fund

   Did you know that many of the wold's big cats are critically endangered? Soon, animals like tigers and lions could be extinct. To try to prevent this, AJHQ released the Play Wild Fund. There are two that you can help through this program. The first is to buy Big Cats Wristbands from Animal Jam Outfitters.
   The Second is even easier: just donate your virtual gems in the Conservation Museum in Appondale. Here you will have the option of which big cat to donate for, and how much gems to donate! Then AJHQ will donate real money to that cat based on how much gems were donated.
   Of these three cats, tigers are by far the most in danger, so donating for them would be best. There are also lots of new cool videos about big cats in the museum. What's your favorite big cat? Mine is the leopard. ;)
   Oh, and one more thing. In the picture of the new wrist bands, I found a mysterious picture:
   Look at the cat on the right. Is it a new animal, or is it just a tiger? Hmm, the ears are different. Maybe a female lion? We'll see!


2 Years on AJ!

   On November 29, 2010 I joined Animal Jam with the account geckoguy. I still use that account to this day. In two weeks, it will be November 29, 2012, meaning I'll have played Animal Jam for 2 years! So that means a party! Here is the info:

-Date: November 29, 2012 (Today)
-Time: [5:00-8:00 PM Blog Time (Eastern Time)]
            [2:00-5:00 Western Time]
            [4:00-7:00 Central Time]
-Reason: Geckoguy's played AJ for 2 Years
-Place: Geckoguy's Den
-Host: Geckoguy

   I hope to see you there! I will probably lock the den until 5 minutes before the party so that no one can see  my surprises! My den was full last year for my birth day party, so you should come early. I'm also well known for having epic dens, so be ready for a lot of fun and maybe even gifts to those who come!


Back! And Alphas

I'm happy to say I am finally coming back to Animal Jam. I have some great new story ideas too, so hopefully I can write them soon. And... about Alphas. Some of you remember I got them to be called Alphas. Well AJHQ is finally talking about them. Here is their article about Liza, the Panda Alpha:

"Liza is pretty well known to the animals of Jamaa, since she personally welcomes everyone that arrives here and helps them get started on their adventures. Liza has always been a traveler and explorer too, and she vividly remembers the day her travels first took her to Jamaa.
She found a land besieged not only by Phantoms, but by internal conflicts as well. Rabbits and monkeys were always bickering, while koalas and tigers wouldn’t speak to each other at all; and it seemed as though the wolves didn’t get along with anybody. Even among the Alphas there was tension and suspicion.
Liza has a talent for helping animals understand each other better, though, and she was the peacemaker who brought the Alphas together as friends. Their example soon spread to the other animals, and for a long time now Jamaa has enjoyed peace both inside and outside its borders.
After the last major battle with the Phantoms, the rest of the Alphas set out to track these mysterious invaders back to their point of origin and learn more about them. Liza stayed behind, however, both to safeguard our home against further attacks, and to help the thousands of animals arriving here every day find their way around Jamaa Township."

I really do not like this description  because I have the whole history of Jamaa that I created mapped out in my mind, and this doesn't fit in with it. Believe me, my version is much better. Here is their article on Greely, the wolf Alpha:

"Greely may be the least understood of the Alpha animals protecting Jamaa. Solitary by nature and a master of stealth, Greely spends most of his time alone and far from Jamaa, observing the movements of the Phantoms and sabotaging them from the shadows. His strange ability to move instantaneously between shadows is one of the reasons he makes many animals very nervous; it sometime seems as though he can appear anywhere, anytime. His menacing appearance and grim, humorless personality probably don’t help.
Greely and Sir Gilbert took an instant dislike to each other, and despite Liza’s best efforts to bring them together, they avoid one another as much as possible. In both personality and approach to the Phantom problem, they are polar opposites. Where Sir Gilbert prefers to meet the threat head-on and seeks clearly drawn battle lines, Greely believes that the Alphas should turn the devious methods of the Phantoms against them.
The other Alphas may not entirely trust Greely and his methods, but they certainly respect him. He knows more about the Phantoms and their movements than anyone, and it’s possible the Phantoms fear him even more than they do Sir Gilbert. If the reports are true that Greely has recently returned to Jamaa with urgent news, it can only mean that the Phantoms are on the move." 

Now this is much better. It fits in perfectly with my stories, and gives me a bunch of new ideas to enhance it.   Actually, I'm going to start writing my story now! Stay tuned!


New Lands?

Hey, Jammers!
Sorry for not posting often, but I've been quite busy with school and homework and all. I apologize!
But some of you may know about an "entrance" in Appondale. It could possibly lead to a new land.

What's weird is that AJHQ hasn't introduced any new lands for a while. I don't know what's up, maybe they're too busy to make a whole new land? But for a while I've been eyeing this place on the map that looks to me like the Amazon.

See the river flowing through it? That's why I think it could possibly be an Amazon-like place with forests and all. If a journey book came out for it, maybe we'd be finding rain forest animals.
You can see this connects to Appondale and Mt. Shiveer. Maybe there's going to be a pathway in Mt. Shiveer, too.
I wonder if Liza the panda alpha is discovering new lands? Maybe, maybe not, but I can't wait for a new land to come out!