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The Monkey Without a Body

Sorry about the last post, my good citizens of Jamaa. I understand you no longer want to hear tragic stories about skinning monkeys. And as AJHQ always says, "Thank you for your feedback! We'll be sure to pass it on!" Okay... moving on...

Let's just say it's safe to say somebody in the Animal Jam Headquarters wasn't feeling to well this morning - seeing as they forgot to give this little monkey a body. And as you can tell from the rip-off price, it's in the Summer Carnival. (At least it's realistic. Carnivals/Amusement Parks are always like that.)

Now please people, don't make fun of her simply because he doesn't have a body. Here is a little poem that changed my whole view on Monkeys.

The baboon you just called fat? He quit stealing candy a week ago. The orangutan you called ugly? She will evolve into a human in the next few million years. The lemur you just called stupid? He’s been studying to be a surgeon. See that gorilla you just called "King Kong"? She is a pacifist. That monkey you just made fun of for having no body? She was created by a lazy AJHQ employee. Reblog this if you’re against bullying monkeys.

iant Pet Monkey Plushie

...What can I say, it's an "iant" Pet Monkey Plushie. Oh and it's in the evil Summer Carnival. You know how they made this plushie? The went into the Lost Temple of Zios, and shot down a monkey. Which happened to be a mother. Then they skinned it and stuffed it.

Be careful, little monkeys. The carnival staff are after you.

The Musketeer Boot Conspiracy

In the streets of downtown London, the detective duo, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson discovered something unusual in a store window. "Look here, Dr. Watson! In the Jam Mart Clothing shop," he said, "These boots are called Real Musketeer Boots!"

"But what about the other Musketeer Boots? Were they phonies? Some poor lad must have been ripped off of 500 pounds." Was Dr. Watson's reply.

"Yes, and look at this Watson! The Musketeer boots are still sold! Something suspicious is going on. The game's afoot!"

"One of them must be fake!"

"Come now Doctor Watson, we are going to the American Shop down the street!"

A few minutes later....

"Now look," Sherlock continued, "These American Cowboy boots are the same shape as the fake Musketeer Boots! And they even come in the same color! And yet the fake Musketeer Boots are sold for 100 more pounds!"

"It's a conspiracy!" Was Watson's quick reply, "But who is responsible?"

"AJHQ is." Sherlock promptly answered. "And both of the boots are fake."

"Th - the government? But how do you know?"

"Elementary, my dear Watson. They both come in eight colors, and there were only four musketeers. And the government claims the "Real Musketeer Boots" are legit. They just want your money."

Turquoise Necklace and Map Names

In the Kimbara Outback, the Alpha Cosmo and some Koalas teamed together to explore the mine tunnels beneath the land. They were searching for a long lost legendary treasure. A turquise necklace - a prized creation of the Koalas a thousand years ago. It was passed down from generation to generation among the royal Koala King's family. It was here in the mines that the King's family hid when the Phantoms invaded. And it was here that legend says it lay.

Cosmo crawled along the ground. The tunnel turned a corner, and there it was: a cavern with crystals lining the walls. It was where the royal Koala family had hidden. A box of treasures lay in a corner, and in it was the beautiful Turquoise Necklace.

It was brought back to Jamaa Township, where it was put in a museum. But never fear! A fake version can be purchased in Epic Wonders for the shocking (<-- take that whichever way you want) price of 1,500 gems.

And be assured, this is made of good, solid glass! Moving on, is there a reason why AJHQ keeps changing the map name? From Jamaa World to World Map, and then back to Jamaa World.

By the way, who likes the new map vs the old one? And the other way around? I will have a poll on the sidebar. I'd like to hear your opinions.

Stuffed Owls!

Come one, come all! Waste your time playing an average of 60 rounds of boring repetitive carnival games, and you could win a tiny stuffed animal! All at Jamaa's Summer Carnival!

Now, I know what your saying! "Why would I want that?" First, I'll have you know that is not our problem. We carnival staff just love money! And personally, 1,500 gems for a tiny stuffed animal adds up quickly!

So hurry up and come to our Carnival! Waste you money! While we (as in the Carnival staff) sit in luxury, millions will starve for lack of money. But is it not worth it for such a plush, squeezable stuffed owl?

Kimbara, the wild Australian Outback

Hello adventurers! Cosmo and the Koalas are back from their travels - and yet another land has been rescued from the phantoms! So hurry up and travel Down Under into Jamaa's Australian Outback, called Kimbara!

First of all, Kimbara is a word in Kiswahili, a language used in eastern Africa. It means pulpit - which is specifically a raised platform in a church - but here it must just mean a raised platform.

Well come along on our little Safari tour in the outback! Please, leave nothing but a pawprint (lol), and take nothing but a photo.We will begin by crossing this bridge out of the town.

Then, after a hike into the wilderness, you should arrive in Kimbara! (Or of course you could warp using the new map, but that is no fun).

Then, after fighting your way through a crowd, you should arrive in the new land. Yes, it is incredibly crowded, but it should clear up in a week or so. The first thing you should see is the Kimbaran Falls - cascading over the layered sandstone cliffs. It forms a creek that leads to the ocean. Cross that creek, and you will see an old building made by the Kangaroos a long time ago. Watch out for the rattlesnake!

Now follow me as we go on the Kimbara - the platform leading up to the cliffs. Here you will have a good view of the Jamaa main island. Pixelation? What? Nah, it's just your sunglasses...

Now come along to your right. Here you can cool off in the mist of the falls. Behind this door is an area still being explored. It should be open to the public soon.

Now, before we finish this tour, lets take the shuttle bus into the Conservation Museum in Appondale, where we will learn about the Kangaroo, the animal rescued along with this new land. Here you can learn all there is to know about Jamaa's newest animal, and please donate to help our endangered animals.

Thank you for coming along on this tour! Come again!

Animal Jam Blogging Statistics: July 2013

I hope to start posting daily items soon. But not yet...

Check out my last Blogging Statistics post here.

Since my last review, many bloggers have quit, leaving the Animal Jam blogging world open to a new generation. As of now, that generation is just starting, there aren't really any that stand out. So this time I will review the popularity of the top 4 - for now there isn't a fifth.

1. Animal Jam Spirit - 2,485,000
2. Animal Jam Cheats and Codes - 390,000
3. Animal Jam Wild - 155,000
4. Jammer Central - 60,000

Animal Jam Times is temporarily inactive as of now, so it will not be included in this list. But Animal Jam Spirit still remains in a huge lead, with little competition. Animal Jam Community (500,000 hits) has reopened, but unfortunately it is not a blog right now, but a forum.

As always, if you have found a blog that belongs on this list, please comment and tell me.