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Wow, I haven't posted in over three weeks. Honestly I am not thinking about quitting. I would have posted this week but I happen to be traveling. (I do seem to travel a lot...) I am trying to sort out what I will be doing online this Summer - with my blog and YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for over 150 views per day, even though I haven't posted in about 25 days. It's great that you are enjoying my old posts. I hope to give you more to enjoy next Saturday, I should be back by then. I will explain everything then (does this sound painfully familiar?).

On a side note, who remembers Animal Jam Community? The blog I worked for that has 500,000 (compared to me having 50,000). It has reopened, though now it is a forum so the everybody can post cheats. Well go ahead and check it out (sorry I can't hyperlink on a tablet):

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