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Crystal Sands Journey Book Cheats

Hey Jammers!
This past update included a new Journey Book page for Crystal Sands. Use this guide to find the plants and animals and click all 11 of them to get a special gift!

Cocao Tree:
This tree is (obviously) always there. It can be found to the left of Captain Melvile's Juice Hut.

Tide Pool:
This can always be found on the far right of the room below Thy's Aquarium.

This plant can always be found on the far left of the land near Captain Melvile's Juice Hut.

Sand Dollar:
This can always be found at the end of the two crossing water slides on the right of the cliff.

This gross bug can be found almost always on the roof of Pet Wash - how ironic!

This animal is here 50% of the time and can be found on the right beach.

This bird is almost always in the ocean on the left side.

This cool looking animal can actually always be found. Even when he crawls into the cave behind him you can see a small part of him moving around. It may be a mistake, but a useful one!

Basklisk Lizard:
This small lizard is usually found to the left of the water fall, and then it runs across the land and disappears.

Green Iguana:
First of all, I want you all to know that Green Iguanas live in the tropical rain forests of South America, not beaches. I don;t know how HQ could make that mistake. It can be seen about 40% of the time, on top of Captain Melvile's Juice Hut.

This big parrot can be found about 30% of the time. He flies down onto the roof of Thy's Aquarium.

The Prize:
Once you have clicked all of these plants/animals, you can get your prize!

To do this, open your Journey Book and click the flashing present-box.
When this pops up, click "Keep".
It will automatically be added to your inventory. Enjoy!

Jam On!



  1. Now how did you get the colorful border for your pictures? So cool!


  2. Also sorry but how did you get your "Anonymous" pictures like that paw? Also really cool! I have a blog but I'm not signed in so I would love to know.


  3. I did a lot of HTML editing. If you really want to know how, I can try to explain...

    1. Okay, I'm ready to at least hear you try to explain it. I understand if it's not clear. Because that's kind of hard to explain. :P

    2. Wait until tomorrow - I have an idea.

    3. did tomorrow come yet...

    4. Sorry... hold on we have the same time

    5. Okay my idea was to let people make me admin of their blog temporarily, and I would design it like they wanted it for free. The only payment I would get would be an ad for this blog in the sidebar.

    6. Ok! My blog is...

      If you want you can design it. :)

    7. Tell me what you want me to do first...

  4. where is the crab

  5. My sis wanted that now I can find it for her THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! ~dogpup


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