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How to get a Free Animal

How to get a free animal when Membership runs out:
First of all, I am the FIRST person to find this, so if you post it give me credit. Also, you usually aren't gaining anything because you have to recycle everything you have except for one member animal and the somehow get rid of the gems... anyway, here are the steps.

1: Have a Member account, preferably not your main account.

2: Send away all your items to another account.

3: Recycle every animal you have except for one Member animal.

4: Use all your gems to buy items and send them to another account.

5: Wait until your Membership runs out and log in.

6: It should offer to let you choose 2 nonmember animals, as usual, but since you don't have any, you have to   buy one, but you don't have any gems!

7: Click the button to buy an animal and this should pop up
See how the price tag says "Free" although it is red? Now just click "Buy" and you have a Free animal!

8: Now more glitches! The screen will tell you to select the animals you want to keep. When you click your free animal, nothing happens!

9: Now you have to log out, and then log back in. Everything should be normal, and you can keep your free animal!

What do you think of this? Tell me by commenting!

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  1. Nice new theme! Where did you get the BG? I know it's from AJ's new home page screen but I can't find it anywhere in the page source

    1. Go to page source and open the SWF link. I think it's the top URL. Hold on I can check...

    2. Okay got to


      and then click this link:

      Then go to the top URL

  2. Geckoguy i found a scammer his username is jjpeach he scammed me my blue witch hat :( just sayin ):

  3. sorry that last comment was mine and my user is hgirls2

    1. Scammers are pathetic losers who have to ruin other people's lives to make themselves feel good. Sorry it happened... D=

  4. slidoo not signed in6/30/12, 12:29 PM

    ah, thanks!

  5. Jambotsrule8/29/12, 6:38 PM

    So cool Geckoguy I have to admit you are the best at what u do!!! :D

  6. Nice glitch! I can never do any glitches...

    1. Haha, my brother and I thought of this, tried it out, and it worked!


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