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Animal Jam "Community" Page Coming Soon?

Hey Jammers!
Today I was looking at some Animal Jam source code, and when I was looking in the coming soon page under tabs, I found "Community"! That means that AJHQ is planning on making a community page on their website!

It will be a link with all the other page tabs. You know, these ones:
I also found and image of the link:
There is even more evidence though! Now, if you go to an unavailible page that used to be a published page or will be in the future, this pops up:
It comes up when you go to the admin login page, (which is now IP banned since I was messing with it :P) but not any other page for example Even more, it does come for with a weird title, showing that they have been working on it recently! Unfortunately, AJHQ has blocked what the have done so far, so I can't find it in the source code.

Sorry if that is confusing... simply put AJHQ is working on a "Community" page on their website which will hopefully be released soon. It could have games, the blog, and much more! What do you hope it will have? Check out to see what AJ may have ideas for (its Club Penguins community page).

Comment with your thoughts!

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  1. Moonvee. :37/10/12, 7:29 PM

    :3 Whats the Source code link?

    1. Here is the GC link:

      It is near the bottom with the tag #community.

    2. Moonvee. :37/11/12, 5:30 PM

      HECKK. This is awesome. >.<

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. what is the source code link? the link you put doesn't work :(


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