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"Guide" Grants 1000 Gems!

   It's been about 2 years since I last saw a Guide. The last time I saw one, they were playing "Shaman" Says, and when I won I was granted 30 gems for free. About half a year ago, I found a way to trick your account that a guide gave you gems. Now, I will explain to everybody how to do it! All you need is an account with a working code that hasn't been used. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to Animal Jam, and chose any server.

2. Make a new tab and go to Animal Jam. Click "log out".

3. Type in the username and password for the account you are logged in to on the other tab. Then type in any working code that hasn't been used on your account, and log in. One currently working code is "discovery".

4. Go on the other tab, and you should get this pop up!

   That is the same message I got 2 years ago when a guide gave me gems. :) I think one of the worst mistakes AJHQ ever made was taking away the guides. They used to throw parties, tell stories, play games, and they were just an over all good influence on the game. Honestly, I have no idea why they would remove them, unless it was a money issue, which shouldn't be a problem now.


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