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Animal Jam Blogging Statistics: July 2013

I hope to start posting daily items soon. But not yet...

Check out my last Blogging Statistics post here.

Since my last review, many bloggers have quit, leaving the Animal Jam blogging world open to a new generation. As of now, that generation is just starting, there aren't really any that stand out. So this time I will review the popularity of the top 4 - for now there isn't a fifth.

1. Animal Jam Spirit - 2,485,000
2. Animal Jam Cheats and Codes - 390,000
3. Animal Jam Wild - 155,000
4. Jammer Central - 60,000

Animal Jam Times is temporarily inactive as of now, so it will not be included in this list. But Animal Jam Spirit still remains in a huge lead, with little competition. Animal Jam Community (500,000 hits) has reopened, but unfortunately it is not a blog right now, but a forum.

As always, if you have found a blog that belongs on this list, please comment and tell me.


  1. I have a blog with about 3500 views.

  2. 90,000 views:


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