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2nd AJ B-Day and New Code: BIRTHDAYBASH

  Can you believe Animal Jam is now 2 years old? And to celebrate Jamaa's second birthday, there is a new party and code: BIRTHDAYBASH! It gives you this:
To explode it, click the 4th frosting swirl from the left on the bottom layer.

Now for the party, (since it's the second Birthday of Jamaa, I'll post the party).

What do you think about the party? It's probably my third favorite, since there isn't much to do. But the items are definitely awesome.

And now that Jamaa has been around for 2 years, that means my 2 Years on AJ Party should be soon...


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  1. Jambotsrule9/15/12, 6:39 AM

    Hey actually the cake does explode into confetti. You click the frosting decoration on the first layer I sort of forget which one. I think it's the fourth one from the left you have to click it exactly.


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