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AJ Birth Day Party Glitch Cheats

How to fly at AJ Birth Day Party:
1. Stand here:

2. Open someones game tab.

3. Quickly click where the white dot is, then click any game and the hit cancel.

4. You should automatically travel along the thick black line. When you get to where the black dot is, click where you are. Then manually travel along the thin black line into the sky!

If you have any questions, comment! I will answer them ASAP.



  1. I wish that party was still around..

    1. Yeah. This September it will probably be back, with a few differences.

  2. -abuses comment box

  3. Wierd strange glitches that has happened to me 1. Is a world is at 3 dots and i click on it at the last miniute its full 2. It wont lemme do emotions and 3.When i changed my name tag thingy i went to white and it only had 10 badge options on and bye ☺


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