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Name Badge Glitch

Hey Jammers!
Today I found a weird glitch while changing my name color.
Weird huh? I was wondering how these glitches actually happen, since they specifically program it to do a certain thing. Maybe a browser problem. Well anyway, not much to say so, jam on!



  1. I forgot to tell everyone, I will be going on vacation tomarow for 1 week.

  2. Um I dont think that is a glitch i think that is meant to be

  3. I have i glitch like yours, the badges go together, but some of the badges are gone. it's weird, i masted that glitch on 1(day) / (month)12/2012 it's easy when you know it!!!!!

    1. Yeah, that's annoying because you can't chose some of the badges!

  4. Well anyway I'm nonmember so why did I come to this post?


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