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Enchanted Hollow Skyway Walkthrough

Hey Jammers!
Spino11 here, with something you guys might find interesting - the Enchanted Hollow skyway glitch! Since geckoguy told us all just to post interesting topics, that's what I'll do.
First stand in the bottom corner of the lowest floor next to the already built-in bookcase.
Now click just about where the entrance to the upper floors is.
Next select another Jammer's player card, games, and then choose a game, it can be any.
Be sure to cancel quickly or the glitch won't work!
Then, if you did it right, you'll begin running up the walls!
Just click again to ensure you stay there - and you're done - happy flying!

Jam On!



  1. Thanks for posting this Spino, I thought GS posted it at first. :P

  2. Thanks for the glitch!


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