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Zios Skway

Hey Jammers!
Today I will be sharing with you the Zios skyway! It's my favorite skyway so far, so I thought you might like to know about it.
First, you stand in this area.

Now, click the window and the door over and over. You might get into Brady Barr's lab, but keep trying.
Try to get your animal to move back and forth over the rocks. Eventually, you'll get up the rocks, enabling you to get onto the wall.

You can move pretty much everywhere. Here are a few spots I normally enjoy:

The elephant statue over Temple of Trivia - neat statue, no?

And over here, you have the choices of going on top of the Chamber of Knowledge, and you can head over to the vines, and go down by the river. Just make sure not to touch the ground!
I'll probably post more skyways later.
Jam on!



  1. Your glitch posts are very well written and helpfull. :)

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    Love, Pepdow23

  3. COOL!!!!!!! And love the new back round it's so cute and servival island GO WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I used to wonder what was up above the temple of triva... Now I know.


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