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Exclusive Future AJ Outfitters items!

Hey Jammers!
I just found an incredible photograph, taken by Smart Bomb! It shows many future T-Shirts and key chains to be sold in AJ Outfitters!

Click here for full size.

See? Wolf key chains! And 7 future T-Shirts, AND another gift card! Remember, if you re-blog this, all credit goes to me with a link to this blog. I can't wait for these items!

Jam On! ~Gecko~


  1. That's pretty awesome! can't wait!

  2. Thanks for showing me where the picture was! And I never had any grudges against anything.


  3. Th new template for JC (Jammr Central) is adorable!

    1. Adorable wasn't necessarily what I was going for, but that works. XD Thanks Bigcats.


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