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New Lands?

Hey, Jammers!
Sorry for not posting often, but I've been quite busy with school and homework and all. I apologize!
But some of you may know about an "entrance" in Appondale. It could possibly lead to a new land.

What's weird is that AJHQ hasn't introduced any new lands for a while. I don't know what's up, maybe they're too busy to make a whole new land? But for a while I've been eyeing this place on the map that looks to me like the Amazon.

See the river flowing through it? That's why I think it could possibly be an Amazon-like place with forests and all. If a journey book came out for it, maybe we'd be finding rain forest animals.
You can see this connects to Appondale and Mt. Shiveer. Maybe there's going to be a pathway in Mt. Shiveer, too.
I wonder if Liza the panda alpha is discovering new lands? Maybe, maybe not, but I can't wait for a new land to come out!



  1. hey did you hear about snowyclaw look at this post

  2. That's what I figured that area on the map would be. Nice to see someone thinks the same. I was starting to think I was CRAZY!
    ~Princess RainyClaw
    p.s. If you read the post from the comment above you must read this too,

    1. i did he is lying i know because same thing happens to me don't believe it its all a trick just don't come crying to me when he scams you

    2. to the anonymous above me, hey, he is making a suggestion. geez! -rainbowboogaloo

  3. Thanks for posting, GS. Over a year ago everbody expected that land to be a marsh and come with the crocodile. I started AJ soon after Coral Canyons was made, 2 months later Mt. Shiveer came out, and 3 months later Appondale came out. That was... 19 months ago. Wowzerz. Of course they made 4 oceans and many animals, but what we really want are lands. I remember how excited I was when Mt. Shiveer came out. :)

    And to you drama people, both snowy and that random bunny are taking this way to far. They should stop the gossip and blog to be helpfull. I hate drama.

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