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2 Years on AJ!

   On November 29, 2010 I joined Animal Jam with the account geckoguy. I still use that account to this day. In two weeks, it will be November 29, 2012, meaning I'll have played Animal Jam for 2 years! So that means a party! Here is the info:

-Date: November 29, 2012 (Today)
-Time: [5:00-8:00 PM Blog Time (Eastern Time)]
            [2:00-5:00 Western Time]
            [4:00-7:00 Central Time]
-Reason: Geckoguy's played AJ for 2 Years
-Place: Geckoguy's Den
-Host: Geckoguy

   I hope to see you there! I will probably lock the den until 5 minutes before the party so that no one can see  my surprises! My den was full last year for my birth day party, so you should come early. I'm also well known for having epic dens, so be ready for a lot of fun and maybe even gifts to those who come!



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