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Back! And Alphas

I'm happy to say I am finally coming back to Animal Jam. I have some great new story ideas too, so hopefully I can write them soon. And... about Alphas. Some of you remember I got them to be called Alphas. Well AJHQ is finally talking about them. Here is their article about Liza, the Panda Alpha:

"Liza is pretty well known to the animals of Jamaa, since she personally welcomes everyone that arrives here and helps them get started on their adventures. Liza has always been a traveler and explorer too, and she vividly remembers the day her travels first took her to Jamaa.
She found a land besieged not only by Phantoms, but by internal conflicts as well. Rabbits and monkeys were always bickering, while koalas and tigers wouldn’t speak to each other at all; and it seemed as though the wolves didn’t get along with anybody. Even among the Alphas there was tension and suspicion.
Liza has a talent for helping animals understand each other better, though, and she was the peacemaker who brought the Alphas together as friends. Their example soon spread to the other animals, and for a long time now Jamaa has enjoyed peace both inside and outside its borders.
After the last major battle with the Phantoms, the rest of the Alphas set out to track these mysterious invaders back to their point of origin and learn more about them. Liza stayed behind, however, both to safeguard our home against further attacks, and to help the thousands of animals arriving here every day find their way around Jamaa Township."

I really do not like this description  because I have the whole history of Jamaa that I created mapped out in my mind, and this doesn't fit in with it. Believe me, my version is much better. Here is their article on Greely, the wolf Alpha:

"Greely may be the least understood of the Alpha animals protecting Jamaa. Solitary by nature and a master of stealth, Greely spends most of his time alone and far from Jamaa, observing the movements of the Phantoms and sabotaging them from the shadows. His strange ability to move instantaneously between shadows is one of the reasons he makes many animals very nervous; it sometime seems as though he can appear anywhere, anytime. His menacing appearance and grim, humorless personality probably don’t help.
Greely and Sir Gilbert took an instant dislike to each other, and despite Liza’s best efforts to bring them together, they avoid one another as much as possible. In both personality and approach to the Phantom problem, they are polar opposites. Where Sir Gilbert prefers to meet the threat head-on and seeks clearly drawn battle lines, Greely believes that the Alphas should turn the devious methods of the Phantoms against them.
The other Alphas may not entirely trust Greely and his methods, but they certainly respect him. He knows more about the Phantoms and their movements than anyone, and it’s possible the Phantoms fear him even more than they do Sir Gilbert. If the reports are true that Greely has recently returned to Jamaa with urgent news, it can only mean that the Phantoms are on the move." 

Now this is much better. It fits in perfectly with my stories, and gives me a bunch of new ideas to enhance it.   Actually, I'm going to start writing my story now! Stay tuned!



  1. I hope i can atart reading it very soon!!

  2. Hi Gecko! Love your blog. :3

  3. I'm putting a lot of work into writing it so it may take a little longer than I thought, sorry!

  4. UGH i love them! im soooooooooo jelus just kidding i love them though!

  5. Waoh this is old


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