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AJHQ's Plaw Wild Fund

   Did you know that many of the wold's big cats are critically endangered? Soon, animals like tigers and lions could be extinct. To try to prevent this, AJHQ released the Play Wild Fund. There are two that you can help through this program. The first is to buy Big Cats Wristbands from Animal Jam Outfitters.
   The Second is even easier: just donate your virtual gems in the Conservation Museum in Appondale. Here you will have the option of which big cat to donate for, and how much gems to donate! Then AJHQ will donate real money to that cat based on how much gems were donated.
   Of these three cats, tigers are by far the most in danger, so donating for them would be best. There are also lots of new cool videos about big cats in the museum. What's your favorite big cat? Mine is the leopard. ;)
   Oh, and one more thing. In the picture of the new wrist bands, I found a mysterious picture:
   Look at the cat on the right. Is it a new animal, or is it just a tiger? Hmm, the ears are different. Maybe a female lion? We'll see!


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