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The Musketeer Boot Conspiracy

In the streets of downtown London, the detective duo, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson discovered something unusual in a store window. "Look here, Dr. Watson! In the Jam Mart Clothing shop," he said, "These boots are called Real Musketeer Boots!"

"But what about the other Musketeer Boots? Were they phonies? Some poor lad must have been ripped off of 500 pounds." Was Dr. Watson's reply.

"Yes, and look at this Watson! The Musketeer boots are still sold! Something suspicious is going on. The game's afoot!"

"One of them must be fake!"

"Come now Doctor Watson, we are going to the American Shop down the street!"

A few minutes later....

"Now look," Sherlock continued, "These American Cowboy boots are the same shape as the fake Musketeer Boots! And they even come in the same color! And yet the fake Musketeer Boots are sold for 100 more pounds!"

"It's a conspiracy!" Was Watson's quick reply, "But who is responsible?"

"AJHQ is." Sherlock promptly answered. "And both of the boots are fake."

"Th - the government? But how do you know?"

"Elementary, my dear Watson. They both come in eight colors, and there were only four musketeers. And the government claims the "Real Musketeer Boots" are legit. They just want your money."


  1. Gasp! How dare they try to fool us. XD This is awesome. Funny stuff. :D

  2. Awesome writing Pumaa :)

  3. Nice story!

    "The real boots are..."

    Sherlock falls in ground before he can say something.



  4. Hey, did anyone realize that there was a "Some poor lad must ripped of of 500 pounds" thing? The "ripped of of" part?

  5. This is a great blog! I will follow this. I want to know the names of the creators of this blog.
    And lol when i read 'Don't abuse this comment box or an army of angry geckos will your house. Enough said', i though, perhaps the geckos are.... *laughs*

    1. I designed the template (though I got a lot of coding ideas from TheSlidoo). I also write the posts. But the rest I can credit to my faithful viewers. :)

  6. And. my user on AJ my friend: predator28299


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