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iant Pet Monkey Plushie

...What can I say, it's an "iant" Pet Monkey Plushie. Oh and it's in the evil Summer Carnival. You know how they made this plushie? The went into the Lost Temple of Zios, and shot down a monkey. Which happened to be a mother. Then they skinned it and stuffed it.

Be careful, little monkeys. The carnival staff are after you.


  1. Maybe monkeys should go back to endangerment for protection from greedy mean carvinal staff! :P

  2. Also I'm having a contest on my blog with some good prizes although you would have to wait for my blog to reach 20,000 viewers and 30 followers. :P So if you interested check it out!

  3. Uh, creepy! Lol.
    I have a quick question for you. I was wondering how you changed the link at the bottom of you post from "0 comments" to "0 Jammer(s) Have Said".

  4. sirhappyviking8/2/13, 3:49 AM

    Hi steve the monkey of cloudy with the chance of meatballs.

  5. :((( I'm sick and I can't sleep

  6. XD I love the photo of Steve XD


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