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Yes, again! That is, I will be gone tomorrow, as we are going to Shenandoah in Virginia. I should be back posting on Saturday.

The new item today is a spin off of the Picnic Blanket - the Picnic Table.

I like this item, it would go well in the mushroom den.

By the way, don't you think Jamaa needs a good mountainy land, somewhere in the North? I know, Mt. Shiveer, but that is more like tundra than a mountain, and you can only walk around the summit. One thing I always wished was that the lands would be bigger. Right now they are very tiny and fairly unrealistic.

I'm sorry my posts are so short, my Mom is really limiting my time online in the morning.


  1. You are one lucky dude, and by the way why are you vacationing school just started?!

  2. School started 9/2 for me.

  3. For me it was 9/3.

  4. You are lucky,my school started august 28

    Camp2014(Too lazy to log into my blogger account)

  5. please do one about the bottle in crystal sands


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