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New Code

I'm really sorry I haven't posted in so long! I just didn't have a chance to. Apparently there was a free 3 day Membership code "Awesome13" that just expired today. It worked yesterday for my brother.

In the furniture section of Epic Wonders there is a new Pet Fantasy Castle.

There is also a new code that worked for me: dolphin. It gives you 500 gems. I just added it to the Codes Page.

And I hope to start adding a photo to each post from now on (photography blogs never get any views :P). So here is a photo I took of a Bee, on a Flower, on top of a Mountain, in Shenandoah National Park.

I will get rid of the August theme ASAP and add an Autumn one.


  1. Meep! You take such amazing photos...
    Will you enter the NG Kids photo competition? The winner gets to go to Zambia O.O
    But then again, if you DO enter, I won't have any chance whatsoever.

    1. Pumaa (Not signed in...)9/11/13, 11:21 AM

      Can you give me a link to the contest? But really, there are some people on myshot who take photos 10 times better than me.

    2. Me has no link, sorry.
      Just look it up :3

      Possibly, but you can only enter if you're 14 or below, and MyShot is for 18 and below.

      And Dad says it's not only about good photos, it's about what can promote NG Kids. I mean, if someone takes a FANTASTIC photo of a worm, that's good for them, good for the worm, good for people who like worms and good for contests which get promoted by people entering and winning contest with photos of worms. But NG Kids probably wouldn't make a worm photo (however amazing) win because kids are either going to say 'Oh, a worm.' or 'Aarrgh!!!! A worm!!!! Arrgghhh!!!'

      I know, not many people on MyShot take photos of worms. But anyway, what I'm trying to say is that several times I've seen absolutely APPALLING photos win - there was one a couple o' years back of a black cat on a wall, and it was all HORRIBLE and blurry and...icky. Most of the good photos become Honourable Mentions and the rubbish ones win.

      I'm confused too. Never mind. *sob*

    3. Check out this:

      It's for highschool - some pretty amazing shots there!

    4. Wow! Those are amazing... O.O
      Love 'em <3

      Just for the old are you when you're in highschool?

    5. 14, for most people. I just started highschool.

  2. Wow... Your photos are just saw amazing pumaa.

  3. Wow! Great pictures! I wish I could take that good of a picture. Also you can change it if you'd like to! - xXRobinHoodXx

  4. When is that big update to the more blogs page going to happen?

    1. Should have been last Saturday, but I will have to wait untill this Saturday.

  5. Diamondearth1000 for SUPER SOCKTASTIC DAY i look like i just woke up on christmas day


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