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Epically Flapping Scarf that Magically Spawns Leaves

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was early and I couldn't find the item. (Rare Item Mondays trick bloggers 56.7% of the time - true stat).

Today, in the recently-built-yet-collapsing Diamond Shop, we have an epically flapping scarf. Or you could call it Wind Armor.

It magically spawns leaves, too. I have to start school now, so I don't have time for a long post.

Since school and sports have started up again, there will be days when I won't be able to post. It probably won't be as common as with Snowyclaw, though.


  1. Gecko, are views going down on your blog also? Both snowyclaw and mysel noticed that probably because people are starting school, our blogs are getting less viewed.
    By the way, I got my dad to put AdSense on my blog yesterday and at the moment it seems to be going well :D

    1. Well, that is kind of hard to say. Over the summer hits have been going up so fast... I guess now they are going up less fast.

      Good, but you should only use the ad sizes Google recommends. The one you have is so tiny statistics say people don't notice it. I would say you should use the size I have on the right sidebar here. --->

  2. Yeah,the wind armor looks weird. XD

    1. i have wind armor

  3. Im so glad i found your blog its epic! :D
    followed btw


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