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New Code, Adventure Updates, and Medical Center

Hey, look at that, I managed to post two days in a row!

Today is update day, as I am sure you all know. The first update is a new Code:


Nice cake... haha. 

Click the purple Hot Cocoa Hut for a surprise! Also, the old code "birthdaybash" no longer works. I have updated the Codes Page. There is also this new party from last year:

Be sure to check it out! Also, click here to learn more about the party.

Also, the Phantom Portal is now Nonmember! 

On top of that, there is an Adventure Shop, and a few other surprises in the Adventure Base Camp. I leave it to you to find out.

Finally, in Kimbara Outback we have the long awaited Medical Center! It isn't the same as the one that used to be in Jamaa Township.

I'm not sure if I like this or the other more. This is more modern, but it is bigger. The other was more wild looking, but it was smaller. Opinions?

That's all for the update, and of course, a photo! This is taken from Blue Ridge Parkway in Shenandoah National Park.


  1. oooohhhh! what happens when you pass thru the phantom portal??

  2. That tree reminds me of the shoes tree (without tree) from Creepypasta.

  3. Hey I visit your site as often as I can but, there isn't a lot of updates. Please post more often.

  4. Nice blog... do you use HTML Coding or a CSS Code to make your template? Or did someone else create it for you? It looks great!

  5. "Im cute, yet i prefer waffles."

    -The DOPE, at 2013 congress meeting in Las Vegas

    1. "I left my Nose in Osgiliath!"

      -The Abominable Snowman of the Caradhras

    2. "Kill his hen!"

      "No Rackham, you promised!"

    3. "Engrave it, Isildur!"

      "No. The ring is mine..."

  6. It is funny to look three years later at how Animal Jam was developing. Now, things that are posted here are normal day to day things. Like the non-member adventure. It is really funny if you ask me. <3

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  9. Hi AJHQ I'm wholuvstheberrys and you no the animal movie well i have a animal that you can talk about in the movie it's the Glaucus Atlanticus and that's just one name for it theirs 2 more! ok the Blue Angel and the Blue Dragon plz plz PLZ! talk about this pretty fish thanks keep up the awesome upgrades! (ps i luv your game get it?)

  10. I miss playing AJ, I wish you would come back!


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