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Rare Sombrero & Member Gloves vs Spike Collars

Thank you all for giving me that break. I feel much better now, and will continue posting daily. On Thursday, right before I got sick, I said I would post a blog "trailer", I know. Unfortunately I never did finish it, though it should be ready soon.

Today is Rare Item Monday, and the Rare is in Bahari Bargains on the First Page. Is it just me, or does no one care about underwater Rares?

Well, for todays side topic I will bring up Spikes vs Legends. Recently there has been a bunch of people saying Member Gloves, especially Legendary Gloves, should be as Rare as Spiked Collars. At first, this seems to make sense, as Member Gloves were released before Spiked Collars. But there are two very good reasons why Spikes are more Rare than Legends.

1: They look way cooler. They stand out more, its as simple as that.

2: This is the real reason. In June 2011, when Member Gloves came out, everybody was sent a Member Glove, though only Members could open it. In July 2011, whens Spikes were sent out, only Members were sent them. So then, someone who was a Nonmember in June and July, but got a Membership in August would get a free Member Glove, but no Spike! On top of that, a couple years later anyone who played in June 2011 and never got Membership was allowed to open the Member Glove as a gift from AJHQ!

As a result of this, there are way more Member Gloves in the Game than Spikes. So please, don't keep saying Legends are worth Long Spiked Collars. According to laws of Supply and Demand, they aren't.

Anyway, here is a list of things for me to do for this blog.
-Finish the Blog Trailer
-Make the 50,000 views Contest
-Make a Journey Book Guide
-Make the Rares and Trading page

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dont do a journeey book guide then you spoil the fun of looking for those who havent done the book yet.

  2. SilverDawn (currently not signed in)5/6/13, 8:31 AM

    I think spiked collars look really ugly >.< And I wish Jammers would start liking the underwater lands more.

    1. They just show up well, I guess. Especially on lions.

  3. For the fifty thousand views contest don't do a quiz, or anything in that category D: All AJ Bloggers do that, and while it may pertain to the game (SOMETIMES) It's tiring. Please do something that has to do more so with creativity (writing, artistry, decorating, etc...)

  4. Does anyone know what spikes are worth? I'm trying to get one. And I want to be fair


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