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Decisions, Decisions...

Thank you all for you comments on the last post. It seemed like the majority of you didn't actually need me to post item updates. You either viewed another blog, or could find the items on your own. I am indecisive about what would be best for the blog, though. What is most important is how many people would like a blog that posts stuff about Rare Items, stories, guides ect. more than a news blog.

So please, if you care anything about this blog, answer the poll on the right sidebar. >>>>>>>
I will listen to what you Jammers think, and base my decision on that. And yes, I do plan on posting YouTube videos on my channel regularly.

To all of you who I said I would do something for you, and didn't, I am very sorry. I haven't been online much lately. Here are the ones I remember, remind me if I forgot any:

-SilverDawn; Anonymous Profile Picture HTML
-Cubscout9; Blog Makeover
-Kinyonga; CSS/HTML

I think I'm missing something... Well, tell me if I am. ^.^ And please answer the poll... I'm looking forward to the statistics.



  1. I am glad you are going to post about rare Items, stories, guides and stuff, but I won't visit your blog as much. I really like how your blog has such wonderful graphics. That's why I come to your blog more than Snowy's. But now you said you won't be posting the new item, I will visit your blog once a week? I still wish you would post the daily item. You could post the daily item AND rares, stories and such. It's just that its not everyday so I won't see it everyday. You know what I mean?

  2. *votes on poll*
    Meep! :3 I'd be fine if you just posted what you mentioned ^.^ BUT, would you post the big update? And, maybe, if there was an new/returning item you really had something to say about? :)

  3. Gecko... have you been hacked or something? I saw you on AJ yesterday and you were in the pillow room with your new snow leapord and you were just jumping up and down saying e.g. $49.50, $9.50, $, &, *, +. And then a wolf came over and lay under u and pretended u were jumping on her, then u said she was sick a few times and then just logged off!

    1. And on a blog i forget the name you where saying really quite mean things about your bro metroleafs.

    2. Pumaa (not signed in)5/14/13, 8:13 AM

      I was on a tablet, I was just bored. XP

      I tease my bro, but in a friendly way. lol

  4. This is cubscout9 on sister's account, Ah now it makes sence!

  5. Aren't you going to do the contest for 50,000 views? You promised one right?

  6. Please do more posts! I really enjoy your blog.


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