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Birthstone, Spirit Glove & Scamming

First of all, Happy May! I love the month of May, it pretty much starts Summer. To celebrate May, AJHQ has released a May Birthstone in Epic Wonders Den Orb.

And, as it is a new month, we have a new Monthly Member Gift! This is strange though, both my Nonmember accounts received the Membership ad, but none of my Member accounts received the gift.
Oh, cool! But why did they base it on a Mummy Glove? They are the least sought after of all the Member Gloves. I think they will probably release Spirit Spike Collars next - people are going to go nuts over those.

Also, if you want you can watch this video I recorded of a new Scamming trick I've seen people using. They will have another scamming buddy with them who will try to trick you that the person isn't scamming.

Grrr.... Tricky scammers. Julian2 has publicized a new movement... Where a Jellyfish next to you name tag if you are against scamming! And are a Member, of course. :P

Well, have a happy May! And keep viewing for some fun new things around Jammer Central!


  1. My sister got scammed a bow n arrow for arctic wolf membership. But she was member then and a kind person sent her a bow free as the arctic had used the code already. He had his sister saying it wasn't a scam.

  2. Actually that isn't a new technique. That's how I got scammed almost 2 years ago.

  3. um i would love to be a member i have cancer and me a little girl its boring in hospital and i hate needels being in my hand all day so i would love to be member if i ever dyie

  4. My glove, worn, elf tail armor and fox hat was scammed :(
    I got my worn and fox hat back but nothing else :(


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