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Sorry for the really late post, I woke up late. ^.^

Today we have another awesome item for our gardens, Pumpkins!
Well, the Member thing has worked. I am now planning on buying the Snow Leopard Membership, mainly so I can plant a garden.

I really don't know anything else to write... I am working on a Rares and Trading Page due to popular demand. So keep viewing!

Also, please follow! The next person will be the 75th!


  1. Nuuuuuuuu! Don't say that on the blog! O.O It'll make AJ HQ even more...membery! >.<

  2. Oh, and I have 78 followers >:D

  3. Oh, BTW, there's going to be a new land. In the Jamaa Journal, when the Koalas left, it said they "were going exploring for a new LAND." Keep your eyes peeled! :D


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