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Animal Jam Blogging: Explaining Adsense

I'm back! Sorry, no photos please. Thank you.

I won't bother to review this last excuse-for-an-update, as I'm sure you have already seen it. However, there is indeed a new addition to the epic scarf collection (otherwise known as Wind Armor), the Wind Amulet.

Why is it a Wind Amulet, you ask? Well, naturally because it was found on the beach on a windy day! Don't ask such silly questions.


And for the main part of this post, I will explain Adsense for Blogger, as some people have asked. I'm sure you have noticed a few ads around the blog (If you haven't, your either extremely absent-minded, or you're smart and use AdBlock). I do use Adsense, a Google ad system that was made to work with blogger.

How it works? I put ads on my blog for free. I choice what type of ads to show, so that they relate to my audience. You see the ads, and click the ones you like in order to see what they are about. I get paid a small amount of money every time someone clicks an ad.

So, I provide a free Animal Jam website, and at the same time I can get paid some money for doing it. (I'm not just "doing this for money"). All the money I make will go back into the blog, for example I might buy better graphic or video software. As Jammer Central gets more viewers, I will earn more money, and the blog will continue to improve.

Make sense? I hope that clears up the confusion.

Next Saturday I hope to make a huge update on the More Blogs page.

PS: Make up your minds already. The old version and new version are tied in the poll to the right --->


  1. I like both the same XD - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. How do you set up adsense? Do you need paypal or something?

    And I think the select-add only works for the country YOU are in... >.>

    1. My mom "owns" it, since I'm under 18. You don't need paypal, but your parents need to use their credit card. Google is safe, of course, though. On Blogger you click "Earnings" to sign up.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry my last comment was a bust. It was poorly written. XP
    Well anyways this is a great template! :D
    Also, thanks for talking about adsense now I get it! :P

  5. Thanks for the info, Pumaa! I will probably put AdSense in my blog.
    How much do you think I could earn with 3000+ views a day?

    1. 50-60 US Dollars. Whatever that is in Spain.

    2. Wow, its 37-45 euros! I'll have to try it out, tomorrow my parents are going to help me out with it :)


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