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Corn, Contest, and Colors

First of all, thanks for 50,000 hits! I know I should have posted this yesterday, but its hard to remember things at 5 in the morning. >.< Well, its time for a contest! Here are the prizes I showed you before:
I will start working on the contest now.

Moving on, we have a new item in Jam Mart Furniture, Corn.
First of all, its Member. Its like AJHQ was trying to trick us with the other Nonmember plants - can't us Nonmembers at least plant a garden? Also, is there any valid reason why these aren't in Treetop Gardens? Maybe AJHQ forgot that shop even existed...

We also have a glitch discovered by Doughnutt. There are some glitches when it comes to Santa Hats on Penguins...
Ignore what I'm saying in that shot. >.< I wonder how these glitches happen...?

Meanwhile, Animal Jam has some server glitches. Many times when selecting a server or teleporting, the room will get full while the page is loading. Then you are stuck and have to refresh. Very annoying.

Well, keep viewing! And thanks for all your comments. :) Jam on!


  1. Yay! 50,000 hits! Great job!

  2. I had a bad day yesterday. Let me explain first of all I couldn't get on the computer till like just before I got to bed. And I had to earn loads of gems and as you all know multiplayer games are the best pay. I had barely anything to spend so I played best dressed a few times and when I left the game I hadn't earned one little gem! Also on splash and dash it glitched up and the exit game was gone and it wouldn't load any players! Also Jamaa Derby wasn't working I apparently on the graph of whos winning was like 3rd place when I finished in supposedly 3rd place I as last and no one had passed me!! So you kinda get the idea that it was a bad day and it gets worse. When I got the fox hat my outfit as shown in my profile picture as you can guess didn't match at all and I like showing my bow and heart locket off so I couldn't not wear them. I tried trading for a lighter colour like peach or white but no accepts.

  3. i think the corn stalk is not for non members because they don't pay aj. it really sucks. they think we're cheap. -.-


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