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Underwater HDTV & Freedom Ad

I'm back! Sorry a little later than I expected. Remember to keep viewing Jammer Central on a daily basis!

Today we have a new Underwater HDTV. It's cool, but very few people even use an underwater den. AJHQ should stop wasting their time on this stuff and make land den items. It is in Sunken Treasures, in Kani Cove.

And yes, I will be continuing my side topics! Today we have another Animal Jam ad from an NG Kids Magazine (scroll to posts below for more ads.) This ad is from June/July 2011. Click for full size:
It came with the code "Celebrate" that you can see on the bottom of the page. This was released around the time of the second Freedom Party, when Crystal Sands was turned into a water park. Nevertheless, this was probably the high point in the trading system. It was a very fun time to be playing Animal Jam. Actually, you can try to play the game on that picture. Tell me if you solve it! Try the others, too, if you want.


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