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New Login & Activity Book

The first thing you notice when you go to the Animal Jam website, is a new login box!
I like the new Play button, I can find the graphics if you want me to. To enter a code you have to click the check box. Now I have to update my Codes Page. There is also a new font for the page tabs. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the new item. It is probably at the Friendship Party.

As for today's side topic, I will show you my Animal Jam Wild Book of Activities. It came in the same NG Kids Magazine as the poster I showed you yesterday. Click for full size:

 Sorry those photos look so unprofessional! As you can see, it was two page book. It was free, so that is expected. It also came with the code, Gorilla. Thanks for reading!



  1. That's cool Gecko! Love reading your blog cause you always have stuff that I usually didn't know before! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! They were very interesting!

  2. Does the code gorilla still work?


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