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Pink Treasure & Animal Jam Poster

Today the new item is in Sunken Treasures, the Pink Treasure. Very Friendship Festival-ish!

Also, it has come to my attention that Snowyclaw has the banner I found on her blog...? Well, I'll give her the benefit of a doubt and say she somehow found it somewhere else.

Anyway, today's side topic is about Animal Jam posters. Yes, there is an AJ poster! Before 2012, advertisements for Animal Jam came in every issue of the National Geographic Kids Magazine. In summer 2011, a special ad came out, in the form of a poster. I still have that poster hanging on my wall to this day! Here it is:
It came out right after Appondale and Elephants were released. At that time, this poster had every animal in Jamaa, except for Seals. Cool, huh?



  1. She didn't Gecko. You're not the only one who knows about Animal Jam's websites and how to get their backgrounds and headers. >.<

  2. Oh also, she posted it 2 days later than you. If she was going to copy it she would have taken it the exact day you posted it. And even if she did take it, she always give credit (unless she is not aware where it came from because someone sent her the picture to put on the blog but didn't give credit to the person they got it from -- unless said person found it themselves, that is).

    1. I know she didn't copy me. >.< Sorry if it sounded like I said that. But in the past, people take my work and send it to her in order to receive credit.

      She actually tweeted Animal Jam asking for the graphic. I would think if she knew how to handle complicated source code, she would have just got it for herself. But Snowyclaw never replies to me, so I guess we will never know how she got it.


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