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Hat and Curly Wig & Racing Ad

Today we have a very well known nonmember rare... the Hat and Curly Wig! It is in Jam Mart Clothing, as always. It was first released in February 2011 to celebrate President's Day (a USA holiday).

The is also a new News Crew Assingment! Click here to read more.

For today's side topic, we have (another) Animal Jam ad from a National Geographic Kids Magazine. This one is also from the May 2011 issue, just another page. Click for full size:
This ad came with the code Speedy, which no longer works. I like it because you can see Sir Gilbert racing with other average Jammers. Also, can you see the two green geckos? At that time AJHQ put geckos everywhere in Jamaa! (In case you are wondering, I had the username geckoguy before I new there were any geckos in Jamaa).


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