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Fall Festival Ad

Yet again, I can't find the new item. It's probably in the Paradise Party, which just makes it difficult for bloggers.

For today's, um, main topic, we have another Animal Jam ad for the Nat Geo Kids Magazine. This one is from September 2011. It came with the code festival, which no longer works. Click image for larger size:
This ad is absurd. Look closely at the animals, they look terrible. Then, do you notice the zebra? This about four months before horses were released. Stuff like that, as well as the zebra in Epic Wonders, makes me think AJHQ was planning to release zebras, but changed their minds to horses at the last minute.

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  1. sirhappyviking2/27/13, 8:43 AM

    I see the code is festival and the animals are absaloutely absurd.
    I hope more people join as I think this is even a little better than snowyclaws spirit blog!

    1. Thanks for reminding me, I'll add the code.

      I agree, I think Snowyclaw is too popular. She doesn't even answer questions anymore.


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