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Cherry Tree & Koala Ad

Today we have the amazing... Cherry Tree! These were one of the biggest items when they were first released in (2011?). They are normally sold in March for Lucky Day, I wonder why they are out so early this year. Whoops, almost forgot, they are in Jam Mart Furniture.

For today's side topic, we have an Animal Jam ad that was in a National Geographic Kids Magazine, in May 2011. Click for full size:
This ad came with the code "Hammock", which no longer works. As you can see, AJHQ was still in their Gecko Phase, haha. Are you enjoying these images?



  1. Yes the images are awesome and also there's a dolphin alpha called Venus in the main cove shop.

    1. Thanks! Last year I we debated whether to consider Venus and the other one Alphas. We finally decided not to, as both have the names of Roman/Greek gods. Most likely, they are just statues of those gods in animal-form. Maybe AJHQ will clear things up for us when they explain more about the Alphas. We have yet to learn of the Alphas of new animals!


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