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Rare Knight Armor & Secret Color

Wow, Animal Jam is finally online. That was quite possibly the longest time AJ has been offline. I guess they had problems with today's Monday Rare, which is on the first page of Jam Mart Clothing. It goes with last week's Rare.

Today's side topic is about secret colors. Secret colors are colors that do not appear on the color pallet. The first one was available in 2011, a sort of crimson shade. You could get it by clicking exactly to the right of light green on the color pallet while editing your animal.

When we got the new color pallet in 2012, the secret color disappeared. Then, after much complaint, it returned. But it was a diferent color, this time a frosty light blue! You can get this color today.
To get this color, go onto the page to edit your animal. Click exactly to the right of the purple color.
If it doesn't work, keep trying. Hope you liked this guide! You can use this light blue color on any part of your animal.



  1. I think the old secret color still works in the game "best dressed".

    1. Maybe, I will have to check that out. It depends if Best Dressed has the old colors still or not. Thanks!

  2. there is two ? good blog


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