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Heart Chocolates & February in Jamaa

Well, I'm back. Looks like the third annual Friendship Festival started while I was gone! Today the Heart Chocolates have been resold from 2012 and 2011. Click this item in a den to open/close it.

Today I have a special side topic. For over a year I've wanted to do this. The first day of every month, I will write about what that month was like in past years of Jamaa! So, since I missed the first day of this month, I will write about past Februaries today!

-The first February in Jamaa. This is the Friendship Festival ever. Items like Heart Chocolates and many items we see today were sold for the first time. There was no trading system, and Mt. Shiveer had just been released. "Answeer the Call" polls were released. Here is a Jamaa Journal page from this time period.

-This time period was basically the same as today. Trading was very popular. Penguins were just being released, as well as Sol Arcade. Items started to be released every day, and Rare Item Monday began. Here is a Jamaa Journal from this time period.

I hoped you enjoyed this! Remember to keep viewing daily, and tell others about this blog!


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  1. Hey Jammers, I just discovered graphics of a new land! Keep viewing, I will post about it tomorrow morning!

    Hint: It looks like a Jungle!


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