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The New/Old Liza

Today, I can't find any new items around Jamaa. I'm guessing it must be in the Paradise Party. Sorry I made a big mistake yesterday with the new item, it's so confusing when I was gone for a whole week. It was supposed to be a Rare Astronaut Hat.

I will have a side topic today, even though there was no actual topic so I guess this is the main topic. Anyway, this image was sent in by Mister Chunkybuddy.
This was created to protest against AJHQ's terrible remake of Liza the Panda Alpha. It's pretty funny, too! Look, on the left we have the old Liza. Doesn't that look a lot better than the Liza on the right?

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  1. sirhappyviking2/26/13, 12:15 PM

    my google account got deleted because i put myn ag in!
    i used top be member ill have to join with another email.

    I think the new liza is much much better shes younger and more you know no so old.

    1. Thanks! I'm just used to Liza being old and wise, not young and energetic! I guess I will have to get used to that.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, sorry I didn't see your comment for two months!

  3. Wow, 56 followers now! Keep it up Jammers!

  4. HAHA lol "AJHQ turned me into a monster!" x3 Couldn't agree more. Anyways, would it be okay if I took the pictures? Don't worry, I'll definitely give this blog credit. ^-^

    1. Yes, but give Mister Chunkybuddy credit for the one with him in it.

  5. I think the 3D picture looks beter. it the other one Liza looks kind of mad.. but still I like them both. after all, Liza is my favorite alpha.


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