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Arches, Giraffes, Taj Mahal, Pharaoh, and Big Ben

Shame on you all for two comments on the last post. Unless... um... you did comment... well in that case, good job.

The Summer Carnival spider... even the smallest bite from Arachnus Deathacus will instantly paralyze...

Yay! AJHQ made a mistake! It has the same name as this guy:

Really, how is it even a spider? It has four legs and two eyes, and then some weird round things on his head. Oh wait. I guess those are eyes too. Seriously people. You have better things to do than go to the Summer Carnival.

And just to bore you to death I have some geography notes for you all. In the Art Studio, Peck drew this image (images, actually):

And take a look at this Snake Habitat:

These are definitely supposed to be natural arches, and probably based on Delicate Arch, in Utah. AJHQ is also located in Utah, so it makes sense.

Yup, that one. It is the most famous arch in the world.

And, don't go! More boring findings. In the Art Studio and Chambers of Knowledge we have these:

Both were made a long time before giraffes came out.

But wait, there's more! In the flag shop, we have a model of the Taj Mahal in India.

And a mummy coffin from Egypt.

And Big Ben in England.

And I think I should end this post before I lose all my viewers. Tomarow is update day, right? I hope they add rooms to Kimara Outback.


  1. i think one of the new rooms is going to be the same medical center from a loooooooooooong time ago!

  2. I hope some big things happen on tomorrows update! :D
    I think you should have called the spider Arachnus cucumberus! XD

  3. I really do hope for more rooms in Kimbara! I think one will be a medical center and another will be a furniture shop!

  4. I can't wait for update :3
    And I never noticed the little things except on a TV it says (SBI) which is smart bomb interactive.

  5. Awesome! I live in Utah!! :)


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