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Rare Nerdy Glasses

Okay, so I was three days off when I said I would be back. I'm sorry, I know you all must be in tears by now. And I'd like to bring the Snowyclaw drama here to a close. When I said her posts were "utterly boring" that was an exaggeration. I don't hate Snowyclaw, and I don't hate her blog.

Oh wow... look at that. I go for vacation, come back, and my poll has 162 votes... Apparently, my viewers think AJHQ is a prejudice, money-loving, nonmember-hating bunch of Salt Lake City people. (I had fun writing that.)

And on the second page of Jam Mart Furniture we have an "epic" "cool" Rare Item Monday.

Oh wait... sorry about that. If anyone wants to be a rare nerd, these are for you. (Who knows, that pencil might even double as a built in laser...)

For those stalkers wondering where I was for that oh-so-long trip, we went up to Acadia National Park in Maine. And I made the worst mistake a photographer can make - I forgot my camera. However, maybe I can edit my other photos and post them on here after I am done with my post? Like what Goofy8966 did?


  1. Wow, 800 followers!

    Oh wait, it's just 80... Come on, what are the other 720 Jammers doing? Go ahead and follow! Or I will send Smaug the Magnificent after you.

  2. Glad your back! It sounds like you had fun! Next time bring a camera! The Rare Nerd Glasses are fun XD - xXRobinHoodXx

  3. Pumaa, club penguin are the money wanters and NM haters. CP doesn't let NM's WEAR CLOTHES.

  4. Do you mind me asking how well the ads on your blog do? As in, how well you do from them?

    Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to be all like "Yo, how much money u makin'?"
    I'm just curious if, for a blog with your statistical status, if you do well, because I couldn't find any info online about that sort of thing. :)

    1. As an AdSense user, I am not allowed to publicly show my actual revenue. It's not that much, but it definitely goes up as the blog gets more hits. I get on average 200 hits a day. (It varies, and it is also increasing). With your blog, you wouldn't make much at all. So I would wait until you have over 50,000 if you want to make anything.

      I can tell you right now it is under $7 a month. In a year, it may be $50 a month. Who knows.

    2. Actually, it is more like 300 hits a day.

    3. Okay, thanks!

      I wasn't thinking about it for my blog; I had just read about it and was curious. ^.^


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