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Animal Jam - Blogging Statistics August 2013

Today our predicted Pet Fox Plushie has been released in the Summer Carnival.

Well, at least we can imagine it has a body - and isn't just a bust with a tail. 

Okay... so, my plan was to make an interesting, unique/special/whatever post every Saturday. HOWEVER. I really need to prewrite my posts on Friday, because I am way to tired in the morning to do anything really productive. And sorry, but I don't think this post will be very funny (for those of you who enjoy that). So, for such a quickly written post, I hope this works. 

For those of you who don't know, every month I write a Blogging Statistics post - just to sum up which blogs are most popular and where Jammer Central ends up on the list. Click here to read July's Blogging Statistics.

August Blogging Statistics

1. Animal Jam Spirit - 2,750,000
3. Animal Jam Frozen - 190,000
4. Animal Jam Wild - 170,000
5. Animal Jam Expert - 120,000
6. Animal Jam Times - 85,000
7. Jammer Central - 60,000
8. Animal Jam Crazy - 55,000

I still don't know of number nine. I think blogs should have at least 50,000 hits to get on this list, it's kind of a safe number that shows the owner knows what they are doing.

PS: Should I make my posts more serious and formal, or try to make them funny?


  1. I enjoy the new plushie. I think you should do a little of all three posting styles since you are extremely good at all of them!

  2. Hello? I posted this earlier, you didn't seem to notice. I follow these blogs that have a lot of views, too. They are updated also. You should add them to the list, don't just ignore them. It's pretty good blogs.



  3. I love all styles and I agree with infinitemajesty. But out of all I love the funny! :3


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